Pixel Phones: A Budget-Friendly Alternative Ahead of iPhone 15’s Launch

Google Launches Impressive Discounts on Pixel Devices, Chromecast, and Nest Products, Trolling Apple Once Again

In recent months, Google has been on a mission to troll Apple, and a few days ago, news broke that they were preparing a big move to continue the mockery. This move comes after a series of well-prepared videos highlighting the social division caused by Apple’s iMessage app, where messages sent from Android phones are easily identified and sometimes even shunned by iPhone users.

Today, Google has taken its trolling to another level with the release of incredible discounts on their Pixel devices, Chromecast with Google TV, and Nest products in Spain. These discounts offer savings of up to 179.80 euros on the Pixel 7 Pro.

Starting with their mobile phones, Google is offering the Pixel 6a for 349 euros (regular price 409 euros), the Pixel 7a for 548 euros (regular price 509 euros), the Pixel 7 Pro for €719.20 (normal price of 899 euros), and the Pixel 7 for €519.20 (usually costs 649 euros).

But the offers don’t stop there. Google is also offering discounts on their wireless headphones, Pixel Buds Pro, which are now available for €183.20 (regular price 229 euros), as well as the Chromecast with Google TV for €31.99 (regular price 39.99 euros). Additionally, three Nest devices are on sale: Nest Wifi Pro for €175.99 (savings of 44 euros), Nest Cam with battery for €159.99 (savings of 40 euros), and Nest Doorbell with battery for €159.99 (savings of 40 euros).

This offer becomes even more enticing considering the leaked information that Google will be significantly increasing the prices of their upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. With Google aiming to compete with other flagship manufacturers like Samsung, this discount is certainly worth considering.

Now the question remains: will Apple respond to Google’s moves or remain silent? We may find out during their upcoming keynote on October 4, where they are expected to unveil the new Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2. For now, Apple’s strategy seems to be to stay quiet, allowing their competitors to make noise, but these unprecedented bargains from Google are hard to ignore.

In conclusion, Google’s trolling of Apple has reached new heights with their impressive discounts on Pixel devices, Chromecast, and Nest products. This move not only saves consumers money but also challenges Apple in the highly competitive mobile market. It will be interesting to see how Apple responds and whether they can match Google’s bold tactics.

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