Popular content creator on YouTube constructs a rail kart to investigate a century-old deserted rail bridge.

Preston Summerrow, a YouTuber known for his channel Prestongos, recently embarked on an ambitious project involving a homemade rail kart. Summerrow, who describes himself as an “aspiring engineer,” took on the task of building a rail kart to pilot on abandoned railway lines and reach unique destinations, such as the historic Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge in California’s Anza-Borrego Desert.

The project began three months ago when Summerrow constructed a wooden frame for the kart and installed a 212cc lawnmower engine. With a set of wheels purchased from Amazon, the rail kart began to take shape. Summerrow’s first attempt at reaching the Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge ended in disappointment due to a broken wheel, but he was undeterred and set out on a second attempt, which he documented in a video on his YouTube channel.

In his video, Summerrow showcases the custom rail kart as he navigates the tracks leading to the impressive bridge. The journey is not without its challenges, as the kart’s wheels had rusted and required makeshift braking mechanisms. Despite these obstacles, Summerrow and his friend Mo, who accompanies him on the ride, demonstrate ingenuity and perseverance as they make their way towards their goal.

The Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge, one of the largest free-standing wooden trestles in the world, stands at a towering 200 feet high and 750 feet wide. Accessible only by a strenuous six-mile hike with a steep climb out of the Canyon, the bridge presented a unique and exciting opportunity for Summerrow and his rail kart.

Throughout the video, viewers are treated to stunning views of the desert landscape as the rail kart chugs along the tracks towards the bridge. Summerrow’s passion for exploration and engineering shines through as he overcomes obstacles and demonstrates the capabilities of his homemade creation.

At the conclusion of the video, Summerrow reflects on the experience and offers words of inspiration to his viewers. The project serves as a testament to the power of creativity and determination, showcasing what can be achieved with a little ingenuity and a lot of dedication.

Overall, Summerrow’s journey to the Goat Canyon Trestle Bridge is a testament to the adventurous spirit and innovative mindset that drives his YouTube channel. Through his unique projects and daring escapades, he inspires viewers to think outside the box and pursue their own creative endeavors.

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