Portable Computing: The Game Boy with a Computer Inside

The possibilities for modifying different technological devices have allowed many fans to create hybrid devices, improve current contraptions, and enhance old products. One such example is a user who has managed to put a computer inside the body of the legendary Game Boy Color, creating a device named ReBoi.

The ReBoi project has been published on Kickstarter for financing, and it offers a basic computer that does not require soldering. It utilizes the body of a Game Boy Color console to house a Raspberry Pi, a single board computer with compact size and different connections. The device comes as a kit for users to assemble on their own.

The ReBoi features space for a microSD card, a built-in speaker, HDMI connection, and several USB Type C ports. However, it requires AA batteries to function, just like the original Game Boy Color. The device also includes a second board that converts the front buttons of the console into an emulator for the keyboard, making it fully functional.

Assembly of the ReBoi is relatively simple, requiring users to attach various parts using a screwdriver and mount the complete kit onto the console body. The device’s price is around 93 euros at the exchange rate.

Overall, the ReBoi is an innovative project that showcases the creativity and ingenuity of technology enthusiasts. With the ability to play different titles and install various software, the device offers a nostalgic yet modern gaming experience. It is a testament to the endless possibilities of modifying and improving technological devices.