Prince Charles’ Second Royal Wedding to be Featured in the Final Season of ‘The Crown’

Title: The Crown Teases Fans with Teasers of Final Season, Including Royal Scandals and Prince William’s Romance


With each passing season, the hit TV show “The Crown” continues to immerse viewers in the drama, intrigue, and scandals of the British royal family. As the show progresses into more modern times and delves into recent memories, its latest installment promises to be the most gripping yet. The highly anticipated sixth and final season of “The Crown” is on the horizon, and Netflix has released a tantalizing sneak peek, giving fans a hint of what to expect from the tense final episodes.

Netflix Teases the Final Season:

Netflix took to Twitter on Monday morning to confirm that the final season of “The Crown” would be coming soon. The tweet stated, “After six seasons, seven years, and three casts, @TheCrownNetflix comes to an end later this year. We’ll be back with more soon, but here’s a hint at what’s to come in our final season.” Alongside the tweet was a photo, featuring a close-up shot of the service program for the royal wedding of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Charles and Camilla Wedding:

In April 2005, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles married in a small and intimate ceremony. Due to both parties’ previous marriages, Queen Elizabeth II did not attend, as the Church of England takes an official stance discouraging divorce. The upcoming season of “The Crown” will see Dominic West and Olivia Williams reprising their roles as Prince Charles and Camilla, respectively. West and Williams first played these characters in season five, and the final season will prominently feature a storyline about the death of Princess Diana and its aftermath, as well as the early romance of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Tragic Story of Princess Diana:

The death of Princess Diana shook the world and still remains a topic of fascination and intrigue today. “The Crown” will explore this tragic event in-depth, offering a glimpse into the impact it had on the royal family and the public. The aftermath of Princess Diana’s death, and the subsequent public response, will provide gripping material for the final season of the show.

Introducing Prince William and Kate Middleton:

Netflix released the first official photos from the final season of “The Crown” in April, unveiling new cast members Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy, who will portray Prince William and Kate Middleton. The upcoming season will take viewers on a journey through the couple’s relationship, commencing with their first meeting at the University of St Andrews in 2001. As the series unfolds, Prince William is seen determined to live a normal life before his royal duties take over, while Kate Middleton also enrolls in the university. The first encounter on campus sparks a new romance, and a new chapter for “The Crown” begins.

Casting Choices:

To portray the different stages of Prince William’s life, multiple actors have been cast. Senan West played the character in season five, while Rufus Kampa joined as an older version before Ed McVey takes over to depict Prince William during his young adulthood.


As the final season of “The Crown” approaches, fans can anticipate riveting storylines that explore recent royal history, including the tumultuous events following Princess Diana’s death and the blossoming love story between Prince William and Kate Middleton. With a talented cast and the show’s unwavering commitment to historical accuracy, viewers are eagerly awaiting a gripping and heart-wrenching conclusion to this beloved series. Stay tuned for the release date, as the end of an era draws near.