Pro-Trump artist Scott Lobaido reveals a controversial installation titled “D*cks of Hazard” in front of a Manhattan courthouse, featuring the faces of Jack Smith, Alvin Bragg, Engoron, and Merchan. Watch the video here.

Staten Island Artist Unveils Provocative Art Installation Outside Courthouse

Staten Island artist Scott Lobaido made headlines this week with his latest art installation titled “Dicks of Hazard,” which he unveiled outside a courthouse in New York City. The installation features 100 pink phallic balloons adorned with the faces of prominent figures involved in the trial against President Trump, including Special Counsel Jack Smith, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Judge Engoron, and Judge Merchan.

In an interview with The New York Post, Lobaido explained that he released the balloons as a statement to show that “these guys are a bunch of useless dicks.” The artist, known for his provocative and politically charged artwork, described the installation as a reflection of New York’s blunt and straightforward communication style.

The unveiling of “Dicks of Hazard” drew a mix of reactions from the public and media. Videos of the installation quickly spread on social media, with many viewers expressing both amusement and outrage at Lobaido’s bold statement. Some Twitter users hailed the display as a creative protest against what they see as unjust attacks on President Trump, while others criticized it as vulgar and inappropriate.

TGP contributor Paul Ingrassia captured footage of Lobaido releasing the balloons outside the courthouse, where the trial against President Trump is currently taking place. The videos show Lobaido standing among the pink balloons, which float in the air with the faces of the targeted individuals clearly visible.

Lobaido’s art installation is just the latest in a series of provocative protests and statements that he has made in recent years. Known for his outspoken support of President Trump and his conservative views, Lobaido has gained a following among like-minded individuals who appreciate his unapologetic approach to addressing controversial issues.

The artist’s actions have sparked debate about the role of art in political discourse and the boundaries of freedom of expression. Some argue that Lobaido’s work crosses the line into offensive and inappropriate territory, while others see it as a valid form of protest and artistic expression.

Regardless of one’s opinion on Lobaido’s art, it is clear that his latest installation has succeeded in generating attention and sparking conversations about the ongoing trial against President Trump and the individuals involved in it. As the trial continues to unfold, Lobaido’s “Dicks of Hazard” will undoubtedly remain a memorable and controversial part of the proceedings.