Pro-Trump UFC star calls LeBron James a ‘coward’ in wake of national anthem controversy

UFC Star Colby Covington Calls LeBron James a “Coward” for Walking Out During National Anthem

UFC star Colby Covington has stirred up controversy by calling out NBA superstar LeBron James for his actions during the national anthem. The Los Angeles Lakers star was seen walking out into USC’s arena with his younger son Bryce and two of his Sierra Canyon High School teammates, immediately taking a seat during the playing of the “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Covington, a known conservative patriot, has openly criticized James, branding him a “coward.” In a statement to Fox News, Covington said, “If you hate America so much, and you don’t like this country that gave you a billion dollars – leave it. Or come deal with me.” He continued to lash out at James, saying, “You go to China, go to these sweatshops that you employ all these laborers and use these women and pay them pennies on the dollar to make your millions. F— you, LeBron James. You’re a coward. You’re a spineless coward and you’re a b—-.”

The video of James’ actions has since gone viral, sparking outrage on social media. Many have expressed their disappointment in the basketball star, with conservative personalities and social media users pointing out James’ lack of respect for the country that has given him the opportunity to become a billionaire.

This is not the first time James, a known liberal, has been accused of bashing America. In previous instances, James has made controversial statements about America’s treatment of people of color and its policies. While he stands out as a vocal advocate for social justice, his defiance during the national anthem has drawn criticism from individuals who support American values and tradition.

In stark contrast to James, Covington is a proud conservative patriot who loves both America and former President Donald Trump. Covington has been vocal about putting America first and has shown unwavering support for Trump, making him a divisive figure in the world of sports and politics. As a result, his comments about James have only fueled the ongoing debate about patriotism and respect for national symbols.

It remains to be seen whether James will respond to Covington’s comments or address the growing criticism directed at him. Regardless, this incident has highlighted the ongoing tensions surrounding athletes and their engagement with political and social issues. As public figures, their actions carry weight, and they often find themselves at the center of contentious debates about the values they represent. This debate is likely to continue as public figures like James and Covington use their platforms to voice their opinions on matters of national importance.