Rabid beaver attacks girl near a lake.

Title: Rabid Beaver Attacks Girl While Swimming in Georgia Lake

A shocking incident has occurred in the United States, as a rabid animal attacked a young girl while she was swimming. The incident took place in a private property within the northern end of Lake Lanier, near Gainesville, Georgia. This article provides detailed information about the incident, including the girl’s father’s response and the measures taken by local authorities to prevent further incidents.

Section 1: The Attack

A rabid beaver bit a young girl while she was swimming in a lake in northeast Georgia. Kevin Beucker, a field supervisor at the Hall County Animal Control, reported that the attack occurred on Saturday in Lake Lanier. The girl was swimming in a private property when the beaver bit her.

According to Don McGowan, the supervisor of the Wildlife Resources Division at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the responding ranger described the beaver as the largest he had ever seen, estimating its weight to be around 50-55 pounds.

Section 2: Father’s Actions

In a surprising turn of events, the girl’s father took immediate action to protect his daughter. He fought back and managed to kill the beaver. Subsequently, the beaver tested positive for rabies at a state laboratory. Rabies is known to cause abnormal behavior in infected animals.

Local authorities in Hall County have put up signs warning residents about the presence of rabid animals. They are urging nearby residents to remain vigilant and vaccinate their pets against the virus.

Section 3: Unusual Incident

Attacks by beavers, especially rabid ones, are considered rare. State wildlife biologists mentioned that the last reported beaver attack at Lake Lanier was over 13 years ago. Authorities confirmed that there were no signs of beaver cubs in the area, suggesting that the attacking beaver was not defending its offspring.

Section 4: Call for Public Support

In response to the incident, authorities have called upon the public for assistance. Residents in the area are being asked to report any animals displaying abnormal behavior. Additionally, pet owners are urged to vaccinate their pets against rabies. The Hall County Animal Shelter is offering the vaccine for $10, and appointments can be made by calling 678-450-1587.


The rabid beaver attack on a young girl while swimming in Georgia has sparked concern among local residents. Authorities have taken swift action to warn the public about the presence of rabid animals and have called for increased vigilance. It is crucial for pet owners to vaccinate their pets against rabies to prevent the spread of the virus. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of wildlife management and public safety measures in communities.