RECAP: Biden Campaign and Democratic Officials Bracing for Potential Protests and Disruption at Chicago Convention, Reports The Gateway Pundit

The 2024 Democrat National Convention in Chicago is shaping up to potentially be a chaotic and tumultuous event. Democratic officials and the Biden campaign are well aware of the possibility of facing mobs of angry leftist protesters, and they are already taking preemptive measures to address the situation.

The specter of the disastrous 1968 convention looms large in the minds of DNC strategists. In an effort to avoid a similar outcome, they are considering a hybrid convention format that includes virtual elements, allowing them to shield any potential unrest from the television audience.

A recent Politico report highlights the challenges and concerns surrounding the upcoming convention:

President Joe Biden’s top advisers are all too aware the ghosts of 1968 may haunt their convention here, but they’re grappling with a pair of more urgent and thoroughly modern-day challenges as summer nears: How far can they go in reprising their virtual 2020 convention to mitigate the threat of disruption inside the arena, and how will they navigate a rookie mayor who unabashedly sympathizes with protesters?

Some members of Biden’s inner circle are advocating for a hybrid convention model, combining in-person speeches from the president, party leaders, and rising stars with pre-recorded content and testimonials from across the country. The goal behind this approach is to maximize viewership on both television and the internet while minimizing live programming and opportunities for potential protests at Chicago’s United Center. By relocating party business such as rules and platform votes off the main floor, the organizers hope to prevent demonstrators from exploiting contentious debates.

The Democrats find themselves in a predicament of their own making, unable to rein in the forces they helped unleash. As the convention approaches, concerns are mounting about the potential for events to spiral out of control.

Social media reactions to the situation reflect a mix of skepticism, criticism, and humor:

– “Hiding from your own voting base. But the campaign is doing super otherwise.” – Big Fish

– “More important than that, they need a very controlled environment to present Biden. It’s 50/50 he’d crap his pants.” – Mark Noonan

– “‘We’re going to do the DNC but we’re afraid of our own voter base.’ And Biden still thinks he’s going to win.” – Michael Edwards

With tensions running high and uncertainty looming over the convention, the Democrats face a challenging task in managing the event and ensuring a smooth and successful outcome. The stakes are high, and the party must tread carefully to avoid a repeat of the past chaos that could tarnish their image and impact their political future.