Recap: Emily Feels Pressured to Marry Kobe in Traditional Cameroonian Wedding on ’90 Day Fiancé’

Emily and her parents embarked on a journey to Cameroon to meet Kobe’s family and learn about his culture, but little did they know that their visit would take a surprising turn on Sunday’s episode of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?”. Kobe shocked everyone by revealing that his family wanted him and Emily to have a traditional wedding ceremony in Cameroon so that his father could recognize their marriage as legitimate, despite the fact that they were already legally married in America.

Throughout this season of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?”, viewers have been following Kobe as he takes Emily, their children, and her parents on a trip to Cameroon. This marks Kobe’s first time returning to his home country since meeting Emily in China and beginning their journey together that led to marriage, children, and settling down in Kansas. The emotional impact of revisiting his roots was evident as Kobe broke down in tears when his parents and 10 siblings finally met Emily and her family. For Emily and her parents, the experience was one of culture shock as they navigated the unfamiliar traditions and customs of Cameroon.

During the visit, Kobe’s father, Isadore, thanked Emily’s father, David, for accepting Kobe as one of their own and expressed a desire for Emily and Kobe to have a traditional Cameroonian wedding to receive their ancestors’ blessing. This unexpected request left Emily and her family shocked and concerned, especially given the limited time they had in the country.

Kobe explained the intricacies of a traditional Cameroonian wedding, including the preparation of traditional dishes and the exchange of a dowry known as the “knock door” tradition. Emily’s mother expressed reservations about the tradition, feeling uneasy about the notion of trading her daughter for gifts. The prospect of hosting 100 guests for the wedding added to the pressure and uncertainty surrounding the event, with David remarking that it sounded like it was going to be a wild affair.

Despite her reservations and lack of familiarity with Cameroonian customs, Emily expressed a willingness to embrace and respect Kobe’s culture by participating in the wedding ceremony. She acknowledged the challenge of adapting to a new role as a Cameroonian wife and learning to prepare traditional foods, but emphasized the importance of demonstrating her commitment to Kobe’s family and heritage.

As the tension and uncertainty surrounding the upcoming wedding ceremony mounted, Emily and her parents faced the daunting task of planning and executing a traditional Cameroonian wedding in a foreign country with limited time. The cultural differences and expectations placed on Emily to conform to Cameroonian traditions added a layer of complexity to their already emotional journey.

As the episode concluded, viewers were left wondering how Emily, Kobe, and their families would navigate the challenges and differences that lay ahead in the lead-up to the traditional wedding ceremony in Cameroon. The cultural clash and unexpected twists in their journey underscored the complexities and nuances of intercultural relationships, leaving audiences eager to see how Emily and Kobe would reconcile their love and commitment with the demands of tradition and family expectations.