Renowned Actress Mariella Trejos, Star of ‘Así es la vida,’ Passes Away at 75

Mariella Trejos, the iconic Peruvian actress known for her dazzling presence on both the small and big screen, has passed away at the age of 75. Her death has left a profound void in the national scene, but her legacy will live on in the various productions she was a part of.

Mariella Trejos had unforgettable roles in series and soap operas such as “Torbellino,” “Carmín,” “Así es la Vida,” and “Al fondo hay sitio,” making her an undeniable reference in the industry. Her contribution to acting in film, television, and theater earned her the love and recognition of entire generations.

The news of her passing comes after weeks of concern about her health, as it had been revealed that her condition was deteriorating. In a gesture of solidarity, the Municipality of Lima provided assistance to move her to a shelter. The Sindicato de Artistas Intérpretes del Perú used their social media platforms to announce the unfortunate news.

Mariella Trejos’ career spanned over five decades and embraced multiple facets of the entertainment world. The networks were quickly filled with condolences from users moved by her departure. “These last few weeks, we were very close to her,” says the statement issued on Facebook. “Sharing her moments and memories from over 60 years dedicated to theater, film, and television.”

“Our deepest condolences to her family and all the actors in our country,” the emotional Facebook post expressed, showing the impact she had on the lives of many. Throughout her trajectory, Mariella Trejos left an indelible mark in the memory of the public. Her masterful performances, versatility, and passion for the performing arts made her a reference in Peruvian culture.

The Ministry of Culture, deeply moved by her passing, paid tribute to this exceptional artist. “We mourn the loss of Mariella Trejos Benítez, outstanding Colombian actress,” the statement reads. “With more than 50 years of artistic career in Peru as a theater, film, and television actress,” the institution stated in a press release. This report highlighted her valuable contribution to the country’s cultural landscape and remembered the legacy she left behind.

Despite her physical departure, Mariella Trejos will live on in each of the characters she portrayed with passion and mastery. Her legacy will be a guiding light for new generations of artists, and her memory will continue to shine in the Peruvian entertainment industry. The art scene loses one of its brightest stars, but her light will endure through her unforgettable performances. Today, the country mourns the loss of a legend but celebrates the life and work of Mariella Trejos.