Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Faces Criticism After Blaming Republicans for Astronomy Mix-Up and Moon Mishap | The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Faces Backlash After Moon Gaffe

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat from Texas, is under fire after making a series of inaccurate statements about the moon during an event at Booker T. Washington High School in Houston. Jackson Lee’s confusion about astronomy and the composition of the moon has sparked outrage and ridicule from social media users and critics alike.

During her speech at the event, Jackson Lee claimed that the moon is “mainly made up of gases,” a statement that is factually incorrect. The moon is actually composed mainly of iron, along with other metals such as magnesium, aluminum, silicon, titanium, gold, silver, and mercury. Her inaccurate statements have raised concerns about her qualifications to serve on the House Science Committee and the House Space Committee.

In addition to her misinformation about the composition of the moon, Jackson Lee also referred to the moon as a planet, another glaring error that has drawn criticism. Despite her factual inaccuracies, Jackson Lee has chosen to shift blame onto Republicans for her mistakes, claiming that they are focusing on trivial matters instead of important issues.

Social media users have not been kind to Jackson Lee, with many mocking her for her lack of knowledge and her attempts to deflect criticism. Some users have pointed out previous gaffes made by Jackson Lee, including a statement she made about the weight of an AR rifle compared to boxes.

Jackson Lee’s response to the backlash has only fueled further criticism, with many questioning her competence and understanding of basic scientific concepts. Some have sarcastically referred to her as “Khaleesi” and “Queen,” while others have asked for more information about her views on the sun.

Overall, Jackson Lee’s moon gaffe has put her in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, highlighting the importance of accurate information and understanding in positions of authority and influence. It remains to be seen how she will address the fallout from her inaccurate statements and whether she will take steps to educate herself on scientific matters in the future.