Report Reveals: Activision Was Aware of the New Nintendo Switch 2 Since Last Year

The anticipation surrounding the new generation of Nintendo Switch consoles is growing louder, as they are expected to deliver impressive performance that can compete with powerful desktop consoles from companies like Asus and Valve. These consoles are set to become true rivals to the existing options in the market.

The buzz surrounding this new generation of portable consoles began with the demonstrations at Gamescom last month. Now, in the midst of the ongoing legal battle between Microsoft and the FTC regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a new report from The Verge suggests that the arrival of the new Nintendo Switch generation is taking shape.

According to the report, Activision officials have been aware of Nintendo’s plans for the new generation since the end of last year. They have been actively preparing to develop attractive titles for the upcoming console. In fact, Chris Schnakenberg, the head of platform strategy and partner relations at Activision, created a comprehensive summary of the “Switch NG” (Next Generation Switch) before a briefing scheduled for December 15, 2022. This summary was part of a document titled “NG Switch Draft.pdf.”

The report also reveals that the new Nintendo Switch generation will offer a performance level comparable to that of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Activision aimed to create something extraordinary for this new console, so they requested early access to hardware prototypes for development purposes.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has been in discussions with various key publishers to ensure a successful launch of the new generation of the Nintendo Switch, expected to be named Nintendo Switch 2. According to the VGC publication in July, the launch is planned for 2024. Reports indicate that the new console will feature an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen, and it will still use physical cartridges for games. During the Gamescon event in August, a version of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was showcased, along with a technical demonstration of The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games. These demonstrations highlighted the advanced hardware capabilities of the Nintendo Switch 2, including the use of Nvidia’s DLSS enhancement technology with ray tracing enabled. This means that the new console will be capable of running next-generation games.

With all this information emerging, potential users now have a basis of what to expect once the Nintendo Switch 2 is launched in the market. Excitement continues to build as gamers eagerly await more details about this highly anticipated console.

[Original Article Source: The Verge]