Report: There are possibilities that Red Bull F1 might terminate Helmut Marko’s contract this week.

Title: Red Bull Racing Seeks to Part Ways with Consultant Helmut Marko After Racist Comments

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Red Bull Racing, one of the most prominent Formula 1 teams, is reportedly looking to sever ties with its consultant and former racing driver, Helmut Marko. Rumors suggest that the team’s leadership, including CEO Christian Horner and Red Bull executive Oliver Mintzlaff, wants to remove Marko from his role. Marko’s recent racist comments about Red Bull Racing driver Sergio Perez have further fueled the backlash against him. A meeting scheduled for this week is expected to determine Marko’s fate within the team.

Red Bull’s Shifting Leadership:
Following the death of Red Bull’s founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, last year, changes have been occurring within the team’s leadership. Christian Horner, who serves as the team principal and CEO, has become more involved in the management of Red Bull’s sister team, AlphaTauri. Horner’s increased responsibilities have led to tensions with Marko, who has historically exerted influence over AlphaTauri’s operations.

Marko’s Racist Comments:
Helmut Marko attracted significant controversy after making racist comments about Sergio Perez during a television interview. Marko claimed that Perez’s South American heritage affected his focus on racing compared to drivers like Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. Although Marko later apologized for his remarks, the damage had already been done. Christian Horner, distancing Red Bull Racing from Marko, clarified that the Austrian consultant is not an employee or on the team’s payroll.

Red Bull Racing’s Decision:
A critical meeting is scheduled to take place before the next race at Circuit of the Americas in Texas, where Red Bull Racing’s senior management will decide Marko’s future with the team. The sentiment within the team appears to be in favor of removing Marko, given the desire for change in leadership and the public backlash he has faced. Reports also suggest that Red Bull could lose $10 million in sponsorship and risk damaging its relationship with partner brands if Marko remains associated with the team.

Red Bull Racing’s relationship with consultant Helmut Marko appears to be on the verge of a dramatic separation. With rumors of the team’s leadership seeking his ousting, combined with the fallout from Marko’s racist comments, his departure seems likely. The upcoming meeting will provide clarity on the team’s decision regarding Marko’s future. Regardless of the outcome, the incidents involving Marko have raised questions about Red Bull Racing’s commitment to diversity and inclusion within the sport.