Reports indicate that there is an ongoing investigation into the car gift company LMCT+.

Title: Multi-Million Dollar Car Giveaway Syndicate LMCT+ Under Investigation by State Gaming Authorities


LMCT+, a multi-million pound syndicate that promotes the giveaway of expensive cars and other prizes through social media, is currently under investigation by state gambling authorities. The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) and South Australia’s Business and Consumer Services (CBS) have confirmed that they are looking into LMCT+ following complaints made against the company. This article will provide an overview of LMCT+ and its operations, discuss the legal provisions it uses, and explore the ongoing investigation into its activities.

LMCT+ Overview

LMCT+ is a rewards club that offers monthly memberships providing access to discounts at over 700 other companies. Founded by Adrian Portelli and Troy Williams in 2018, the company gained popularity for its monthly member giveaways of luxury cars, houses, and cash prizes. It utilizes social media platforms to promote these giveaways, attracting a large following. According to LMCT+, it has given away over $25 million in prizes, including a daily $1,000 ‘Member Giveaway’. The company generates an annual revenue of over $60 million.

Legal Provisions and Controversy

LMCT+ operates under the guise of a “commercial promotion” provision, which allows for the giveaway of prizes as defined by state gaming authorities. This provision exempts LMCT+ from obtaining state-issued raffle or lottery permits that businesses typically need to conduct such operations. By offering monthly memberships ranging from $19.99 to $99.99, LMCT+ is able to include “free” entries into its giveaways, bypassing the usual $1 per entry cap imposed by Victorian authorities.

The New South Wales Office of Fair Trading conducted an investigation into LMCT+ in the past but did not find any evidence of wrongdoing. LMCT+ claimed to have made changes to comply with the law, including eliminating certain promotional elements. However, anti-gambling campaigners argue that the use of this legal provision exploits a “loophole” and should be closed to prevent further abuse.

LMCT+’s Founders and Operations

Adrian Portelli, also known as ‘Lambo Guy,’ and Troy Williams are the founders of LMCT+. Portelli gained notoriety when he lifted a McLaren Senna GTR up to his $39 million penthouse on the 57th floor of a luxury Melbourne apartment block in April 2023. Williams, on the other hand, rose to prominence through his business Eye Candy Motorsports, where he offered cosmetic car modification services. The company sources and modifies award-winning vehicles to give to its members, although it is understood that many members choose the cash equivalent instead.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation into LMCT+ by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) and South Australia’s Business and Consumer Services (CBS) is still ongoing. The authorities are responding to complaints lodged against the company, which raised concerns about its operations and compliance with gambling laws. The investigation aims to establish whether LMCT+ has violated any gambling regulations or exploited legal provisions.


LMCT+ is currently facing scrutiny as state gambling authorities investigate its operations. The company’s monthly giveaways of luxury cars and other prizes have attracted a significant following on social media. However, the legal provisions it utilizes to conduct these giveaways have raised concerns among anti-gambling campaigners. The investigation by the VGCCC and CBS aims to determine if LMCT+ has breached gambling regulations or taken advantage of legal loopholes. As the investigation continues, the future of LMCT+ and similar car giveaway syndicates remains uncertain.