Reports indicate that two Mi-8 helicopters from Ukraine collided and subsequently crashed, resulting in the tragic death of six individuals.

Title: Tragic Crash of Two Ukrainian Military Helicopters in Donetsk Oblast Sparks Criminal Investigation

Subheading: All six people on board killed; State Bureau of Investigation opens probe

Date: [Insert Date]

In a devastating incident that occurred on Tuesday, two Ukrainian military helicopters crashed in Donetsk Oblast, leading to the tragic death of all six individuals on board. The incident has prompted a criminal investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation to determine the cause of the crash. The Ukrainian media has reported on this harrowing incident, shedding light on the details surrounding the crash.

According to Ukrainian media outlets, the bodies of the six deceased soldiers were discovered at the crash site. The helicopters involved in the crash were reported to belong to the Army’s 18th Separate Aviation Brigade, as confirmed by the brigade’s spokesperson, Eugene Rakita. He revealed that the accident took place during a combat mission near Bakhmut.

Due to security concerns, the names and circumstances surrounding the deaths are being withheld from the public. The State Bureau of Investigation has taken charge of the case, opening a criminal investigation. Ukrainian Pravda reported that the focus of the investigation is to determine whether there were any violations of flight or preparation rules, which could lead to prison terms ranging from five to fifteen years.

This tragic incident has added to the mounting toll of Ukrainian military helicopter losses during the ongoing conflict. According to the Oryx Open Source Tracking Group, Ukraine has lost a total of 43 helicopters since the start of the war. Among these losses are 23 Mi-8 helicopters, with 22 being completely destroyed and one sustaining damage. It is important to note that the actual toll may be higher, as Oryx only counts those aircraft for which it has visual confirmation.

Updates on this developing story will be provided as new information becomes available. The investigation will be crucial in understanding the circumstances surrounding the crash and preventing future incidents.

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