Revealing the ‘Dark’ Secret


The recent social media activity of Francisca’s mother has sparked speculation and rumors about the TV presenter’s family. Divina, the mother of the host of ‘Despierta América’, surprised many when she publicly congratulated one of her daughters on her birthday, and it was not Francisca. Divina is not known for being active on social media, but whenever there is a special occasion, she makes sure to congratulate and celebrate her loved ones.

This unexpected public display of affection towards another daughter has stirred controversy and confusion among followers. It has long been known that Francisca only has one sibling, a brother on her mother’s side. The news has left fans wondering if Francisca actually has a sister.

The controversy quickly spread across social media with users expressing their confusion and speculating about the situation. Many of Divina’s followers questioned the existence of another daughter and expressed their surprise. The revelation has undoubtedly had an impact on Francisca’s fans, and many believe that it is something that should not have been kept a secret.

Social media has become a platform for sharing all kinds of news and updates, and both celebrities and regular people use it to document their daily lives. Divina, in particular, uses social media to share and celebrate the achievements and milestones of her family members. It was no different when she posted a picture of her other daughter on Instagram, accompanied by a heartfelt message on her birthday.

The reactions to Divina’s post came pouring in, with users expressing their confusion and curiosity. The comments ranged from questioning the existence of a sister to sending birthday wishes to the mysterious daughter. Even Francisca herself commented on the post, referring to the birthday girl as her “little sister.”

However, it is important to clarify that the woman in the photo is not Francisca’s biological sister. She is actually Francisca’s cousin, but the two have such a close bond that Francisca considers her a “sister by upbringing.” In her book ‘Una reina como tú,’ Francisca mentions that Sujarni has been with their family since she can remember.

The revelation of Francisca’s “sister” has caused quite a stir among her fans and followers. While it may have initially raised questions and confusion, it highlights the strong bond between Francisca and Sujarni. Their close relationship and shared experiences have led Francisca to consider her cousin as a sister.

In the age of social media, where personal lives are often shared and publicized, it is not uncommon for surprises like these to attract attention. Francisca’s family dynamics may be unconventional, but the love and bond they share are what truly matters.