Roman Reigns may take a lengthy hiatus from WWE following WrestleMania 40 if a former superstar makes a return, sparking speculation about the potential scenario.

Braun Strowman’s Shocking Return Could Spell Trouble for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40

Roman Reigns, one of the biggest stars in WWE history, is currently holding the WWE Universal Championship, and there is speculation that he may leave the company after WrestleMania 40 and not return for a long time. The star who could potentially disrupt Reigns’ reign and change the course of WWE’s future is Braun Strowman.

Reigns’ impressive championship run has been marred by criticism due to his absence from the spotlight, but his ability to hold the title without injury issues is undeniably impressive. As WrestleMania 40 approaches, it appears that CM Punk and Seth Rollins will be feuding for the World Heavyweight title, while Roman Reigns is set to face Cody Rhodes. However, there may be another star waiting in the wings to make a grand entrance.

In recent years, Braun Strowman has faced significant challenges in WWE. His sudden release following a controversial feud with Bray Wyatt left fans shocked, but both stars eventually returned. Strowman’s career took a downturn as he struggled to find a foothold, transitioning from a singles run to a tag team role. A serious injury further sidelined him, but he is now gearing up for a comeback.

Strowman’s previous character as an unstoppable force fixated on taking down Reigns could play a pivotal role in the upcoming events. His history of attacking Reigns and showcasing his brute strength led to unfinished feuds and unresolved clashes. His potential return could disrupt the status quo, especially if he intervenes in the WrestleMania main event, costing Reigns the title and proclaiming that his unfinished business with Reigns is far from over.

If Strowman does return and thwart Reigns’ title defense at WrestleMania 40, Reigns may opt to take a hiatus from WWE. This could provide Strowman with the opportunity to continue his feud with the rest of the Bloodline, potentially setting the stage for other stars within the faction to receive a significant push.

As these developments unfold, it is crucial to note that Reigns is set to return to WWE SmackDown, marking his comeback after a prolonged absence. This return coincides with the upheaval in the Bloodline’s dynamics, with Randy Orton’s arrival on the blue brand adding a new layer of intrigue and potentially reshaping the existing power structure.

With Strowman’s looming return and the high-stakes drama surrounding Reigns’ championship reign, WrestleMania 40 promises to be a pivotal moment in WWE’s narrative. The collision of these formidable forces may redefine the future of the company and set the stage for a new era of rivalry and triumph.

As the WWE universe eagerly awaits the climactic showdown at WrestleMania 40, the potential resurgence of Braun Strowman and the implications of Roman Reigns’ return are poised to alter the WWE landscape. It is a time of uncertainty and anticipation, with the potential for seismic shifts in power and glory on the horizon.