Rosita Pelayo and Alberto Estrella: Facing Criticism for Million-Dollar Debt

Amidst the mourning that envelops the entertainment industry following the passing of Rosita Pelayo, social media ignites with harsh criticism directed at actor Alberto Estrella.

This comes after a public disagreement related to the urgent return of money requested by the late actress to cover her cancer treatment.

In August of last year, Pelayo revealed her diagnosis and the costly medical treatment that she couldn’t afford, reaching out to Alberto Estrella and Patricia Villafuerte for the return of an investment.

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Pelayo disclosed during an interview with the Ventaneando program that she sought her partners from Círculo Teatral for the advance sale of her shares and investment, citing financial urgency. However, communication with Alberto Estrella became elusive, according to the actress.

Her statements resonated strongly, and despite clarifying that the agreement was made with Patricia Villafuerte, Estrella offered his version on the same program, stating that the actress was not a partner of Círculo Teatral and had only invested in the project’s associated cafeteria.

The actor asserted that Pelayo received monthly interest during the investment and the contract was supposed to end in 2024, when the money would be returned. However, due to the actress’ situation, an early refund was agreed upon, although Estrella apparently had no direct influence over that administration.

Pelayo revealed her investment of over one and a half million pesos, insisting on the urgency to recover it while her health was deteriorating. Despite bringing the conflict to light, she did not confirm whether she had received the requested refund. On December 14th, she was hospitalized, and sadly, she passed away two days later.

In response to the need for funds to cover her medical expenses, several members of the Mexican entertainment industry initiated campaigns to raise funds for the actress. Despite their efforts, including the involvement of actresses Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata, and producer Laura Sánchez, they were unable to prevent the tragic outcome.

Pelayo’s death triggered a wave of criticism against Alberto Estrella on social media, with many calling into question whether the actress received the requested refund, intensifying the controversy surrounding this unfortunate episode.

Users on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) vented their frustrations against the actor for his dealings with the now-deceased actress, Rosita Pelayo. One user wrote, “It’s terrible that they would deceive each other in business transactions,” and another claimed, “This scoundrel stole Rosita’s savings from her, making her believe it was an investment.”

Estrella expressed his condolences through his Facebook account, and while some joined him in offering their condolences, others seized the opportunity to point out the controversy surrounding him.

Alberto Estrella wrote, “The Círculo Teatral community joins the prayers of those who knew, lived, and learned from Rosita Pelayo. We wish her soul rest and swift resignation to her loved ones.”

Some criticized him instead, as one person commented, “Now that she’s dead, they pray for her rest, when they should have supported her during her life, brother in LIFE!”

The controversy continues to swirl amid the emotional aftermath of this tragic situation.

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