Rudy Giuliani Withdraws Cash from ATM After Declaring Bankruptcy Following $146M Court Defeat

Rudy Giuliani Spotted at ATM in NYC after Filing for Bankruptcy

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was seen withdrawing money from an ATM in New York City the same day he filed for bankruptcy, following a significant loss in court.

TMZ obtained exclusive photos of Giuliani at a Citi Bank ATM in New York City on Thursday, pulling out cash after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Witnesses at the bank reported that Giuliani was in and out of the ATM in just 5 minutes, indicating he was able to complete his financial transaction quickly.

This sighting comes after Giuliani was ordered to pay $146 million immediately to two former Georgia election workers in a defamation case over the 2020 election. The jury’s decision added to the mounting legal fees and taxes that Giuliani reportedly owes, which have led to his filing for bankruptcy.

In his bankruptcy filing, Giuliani claims to owe hundreds of millions of dollars for lawsuits, legal fees, and taxes. Despite this significant debt, Giuliani insists that he is worth between $1 and $10 million and cannot pay off his massive financial obligations.

The images of Giuliani at the ATM come as a surprise to many, given his high-profile career in law and politics. However, the former mayor appears to have met his financial setback with a degree of practicality, securing some walking around money even in the face of his bankruptcy filing.

This recent development adds to the unprecedented legal challenges that Giuliani has faced in recent years. From his role as the personal attorney to former President Donald Trump to his involvement in high-profile political controversies, Giuliani’s legal battles have made headlines around the world.

The high-stakes nature of Giuliani’s legal troubles has not gone unnoticed by the public or the media. Photos of Giuliani at the ATM have sparked a renewed interest in his legal and financial affairs, with many expressing surprise at his decision to withdraw cash in the midst of his bankruptcy filing.

Financial experts and legal analysts are closely watching Giuliani’s bankruptcy proceedings as they unfold, anticipating the potential impact on his personal and professional reputation. As a prominent figure in American politics and law, Giuliani’s financial challenges have elicited fascination and speculation from a wide audience.

Giuliani’s legal battles have drawn attention to the complex intersection of law, politics, and finance, shedding light on the personal and professional struggles that public figures often face. The sight of a former mayor and prominent attorney using an ATM after filing for bankruptcy has underscored the significance of Giuliani’s legal and financial difficulties.

The images of Giuliani at the ATM serve as a compelling visual representation of the complexities and consequences of his legal and financial woes. As the bankruptcy proceedings continue, Giuliani’s financial decisions and legal strategies are likely to be scrutinized with great interest by the media and the public.