S Club Pays Tribute to “Our Brother” Paul Cattermole at the Beginning of Reunion Tour

S Club kicked off their reunion tour with an emotional tribute on stage to their bandmate Paul Cattermole, six months after his sudden passing. The performance began with a montage of the late singer performing “Good Times,” intercut with clips from his time in the pop group.

“That’s our brother right there, folks. He’s gone but will never be forgotten. We miss you every day,” tearfully said Bradley McIntosh, his voice breaking.

Paul passed away at the age of 46 in April due to an underlying heart condition. His death occurred just weeks after the band announced their first tour in eight years, marking their 25th anniversary.

“You know what we’ve been through in the past year,” Bradley added. “It’s incredibly tragic, very sad.

“But we have you,” he said to the fans. “We’re here for you, and we couldn’t do it without you.”

The Thursday show at the AO Arena Manchester was officially called a preview of the “Good Times” tour to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

After Paul’s passing, fellow band member and his former girlfriend, Hannah Spearritt, left, leaving five of the original seven members to carry on.

They appeared in colorful outfits to perform hit songs like “S Club Party” and “Don’t Stop Movin'” before leaving the stage as a video of Paul singing “Good Times” played.

They returned in black sequined costumes to accompany his vocals at the end of the song, with each member paying tribute to him and his fans.

Jo O’Meara told the audience, “Thank you so much for all the messages, love, and support you’ve shown to all of us and to Paul’s family.

“We’re very grateful to all of you,” Jo added before asking the fans to make heart shapes with their hands “for our Paul.”

Jon Lee said, “Thank you so much, this is very special for us tonight. We dedicate this show to Paul and the British Heart Foundation, so thank you for being here.”

Rachel Stevens said, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support, all the incredible messages you’ve sent over the years, and your constant support. We love you very much.”

Tina Barrett added, “Thank you so much, Manchester. Tonight is a celebration, so let’s give it all back to Paul.” They then sang their debut single from 1999, “Bring It All Back.”

It was a touching moment in their return to the stage, which initially felt fun and energetic.

Jo told the audience, “This is very special for us; we’re so thankful that we can still stand here and do this years later, so thank you all.”

Hit songs like “Reach,” “Have You Ever,” and “Never Had a Dream Come True” brought the enthusiastic audience back to a simpler time.

They also performed their first new song in 20 years, “These Are The Days,” released in July. “We dedicate this song to Paul and all the memories we shared,” Bradley told the fans.

They ended the night with a mission to prove that there’s still no party like an S Club Party by playing the song for the second time, this time as a dance remix.

The original song was one of 11 UK top 10 hits enjoyed by the group between 1999 and 2003.

Hannah recently told The Sun that she was thrilled with the reunion but that “everything changed” after Paul’s death, and she struggled with her mental and physical health.

“It gave me time to reflect on whether my actions were right,” she told the newspaper.

“My health is not in the best condition – my immune system is weak, and stress exacerbates the situation.

“My body couldn’t handle everything that was happening. I wasn’t myself. I experienced debilitating panic attacks, suffered severe vertigo, and felt tired all the time.”

She added, “The more I began to think about what I wanted, the more I realized I couldn’t go back. It caused me a lot of stress.”

Hannah instead signed up to participate in the upcoming ITV series Dancing on Ice.

The band will continue their tour in Liverpool on Friday, with 13 more dates, including a return to Manchester and three shows at the O2 London.