Sanjay Manjrekar attributes Kuldeep Yadav for crucial dismissal of Crawley, calling it the turning point in India’s victory over England in the Vizag Test

Sanjay Manjrekar, an ex-Indian cricketer, praised left-arm wrist-spinner Kuldeep Yadav for his dismissal of England opener Zak Crawley in the second Test. The dismissal played a pivotal role in India’s 106-run victory over England, which leveled the five-match series at 1-1. Crawley had been in tremendous form, scoring 73 runs off 132 balls, including one six and eight boundaries. Yadav trapped him leg before wicket on the stroke of Lunch on Day 4 and finished with four wickets on his return to Test cricket.

Manjrekar, speaking to ESPNCricinfo, emphasized the significance of Crawley’s wicket, stating, “Crawley’s wicket was the turning point. If you looked at the faces of all the Indian players, they were tensed when Crawley was batting in the way he was. This is one team that I’ve seen in a long long time that is getting under the skin of the Indian team in a home series.”

On the other hand, England captain Ben Stokes expressed his disagreement with the DRS technology regarding Crawley’s dismissal. He stated that the technology had gone wrong and that it was unfair for someone to say, “I think the technology has got it wrong”. Stokes’ comments reflected the debate and controversies surrounding the DRS technology in cricket.

Manjrekar also pointed out Yadav’s ability to control the flow of runs against England in the second Test by bowling slower in the air, especially against Ollie Pope. He highlighted how Yadav’s slower pace was making it easier to control the English batters. He also mentioned that this was something that the Indian team lacked in the first Test, which they lost by 28 runs in Hyderabad.

Looking ahead, the two teams are set to face each other at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot during the third Test, scheduled to start on February 15. The upcoming match is anticipated to be a closely contested battle as both teams strive to gain the upper hand in the series.

Sanjay Manjrekar’s analysis of Yadav’s impact and the upcoming third Test highlights the growing interest and anticipation surrounding the ongoing series. The performances of key players and the evolution of strategies and tactics from both teams add to the excitement and intrigue of the cricketing contest.

Amidst a backdrop of uncertainty and speculation, the third Test promises to be a thrilling spectacle, as fans eagerly await the battles on the field and the unfolding drama of the series. As the date of the upcoming match approaches, cricket enthusiasts and analysts look forward to witnessing the on-field action and its subsequent impact on the larger narrative of the series.

The conclusions drawn from the second Test, as well as the perspectives of key figures such as Sanjay Manjrekar and Ben Stokes, will undoubtedly shape the narrative and anticipation leading up to the third Test. The evolving dynamics between the two teams and the individual performances of players like Yadav, Crawley, and Stokes will continue to be subjects of intense scrutiny and discussion in the lead-up to the highly anticipated third Test.

As the teams prepare to take the field once again, cricket fans and experts alike are eager to witness the unfolding drama and the potential turning points that could ultimately determine the trajectory of the series. With each passing day, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the contest continue to grow, setting the stage for a captivating and fiercely contested third Test between India and England.