Santiago Carlos Hernandez Empties his Gun on his Girlfriend’s Ex

Defending his girlfriend from her ex-boyfriend cost Santiago Carlos Hernández his freedom, as he now faces a potential 70-year prison sentence. Authorities in Port Orange, Florida, reported that Hernández emptied his firearm into the body of Elmer Panameno Zelaya, 53 years old.

The incident occurred on Elda Lane, where a neighbor called for help after hearing multiple gunshots. Zelaya was found dead in front of a house in the area, with Hernández and the Glock 17 pistol nearby. Hernández, according to his arrest warrant, admitted to the shooting, claiming it was in self-defense against his girlfriend’s abusive ex-partner.

The altercation escalated when Zelaya tried to forcibly enter the woman’s house, leading to a physical confrontation between him and Hernández. In a moment of defense, Hernández retrieved his firearm from his car and fired at Zelaya, emptying the entire magazine. Video footage from a security camera captured the tragic event.

Investigations are ongoing, as Hernández faces charges of second-degree murder and remains in custody without bail at Volusia County Jail. The discrepancies between his account and the video evidence continue to be scrutinized by authorities.