Save The Political Insider! This is an urgent plea to support The Political Insider.

The Political Insider Calls for Support from Its Loyal Readers

The independent news source, The Political Insider, is facing a dire situation with its sustainability and has reached out to its readers for support. The publication that has been fighting against censorship and suppression since 2016 has found it increasingly difficult to survive in the current media landscape. The challenge of competing against corporate outlets and the bias of Silicon Valley has forced The Political Insider to turn to its loyal readers for help.

The Struggle Against Censorship and Suppression

The Political Insider began as an independent voice challenging the mainstream narrative. Over the years, it has faced numerous obstacles in its fight for free speech and balanced reporting. The publication has become a victim of censorship and suppression, with advertisers and Silicon Valley shunning it, making it difficult to sustain its operations. Even mainstream media outlets have been feeling the pressure, as evidenced by the mass layoffs at the LA Times and TIME Magazine, and the complete shutdown of Sports Illustrated. The situation has become increasingly dire for independent news sources like The Political Insider.

A Call to Action

In a heartfelt plea to its readers, The Political Insider has made an urgent call to action. The publication is reaching out to its loyal readers, who have been instrumental in its success thus far. The hope is to rally support from 1,000 readers who are willing to pledge $10 per month. This support is crucial for not only sustaining the current operations of The Political Insider but also bringing back content that had to be shuttered due to financial constraints. This includes video interviews with public figures whose voices have been censored by the corporate media.

The plea is a direct appeal to the readers who believe in the need for balanced and independent media. The publication is urging its supporters to step up and help save The Political Insider by making a small monthly pledge. In return for their contribution, supporters will receive a private email where they can share story suggestions and provide direct feedback to the editors. This level of engagement aims to improve the coverage and bring the content that readers want to see.

The Deadline

The situation is urgent, as The Political Insider has set a deadline for its goal of 1,000 pledges. The publication has made it clear that if the goal is not met by the specified date, Monday, February 5, it will be forced to shut down the majority of its current content operations. This news is particularly devastating for a team that has poured their hearts and souls into The Political Insider for over a decade. Rusty, one of the writers, has alone written over 7,500 articles, illustrating the dedication and hard work that the team has put into the publication.

An Emotional Appeal

The appeal to the readers is not only urgent but also emotional. The team at The Political Insider has expressed their love for bringing stories that the mainstream media would rather leave hidden. The emotional appeal extends to the readers, urging them to share this call to action with friends and family who value independent and conservative voices in the media. The team is reaching out to their loyal readers, expressing their gratitude for the years of readership and seeking support in their current time of need.

The Current Progress

The Political Insider has provided a visual representation of its progress with a fundraising thermometer. The transparency in displaying the progress towards the goal of 1,000 pledges aims to keep the readers involved and informed about the impact of their contributions.

A Plea for Support

The publication has also launched a free news alerts subscription to receive the most important stories delivered straight to the readers’ inboxes. This free service is also highlighted as a way to support independent media, further emphasizing the importance of the readers’ role in sustaining The Political Insider.

An Urgent Plea for Survival

The plea for support from The Political Insider is an urgent and heartfelt call to action from an independent news source that has been fighting against censorship and suppression. The publication has shown unwavering dedication to providing balanced and independent reporting, and it is now relying on its loyal readers to help sustain its operations. The call to action is an opportunity for readers to make a tangible difference in preserving independent media and ensuring that voices outside the mainstream narrative continue to thrive.

In Conclusion

The urgency of the situation and the emotional plea from The Political Insider reflect the gravity of the challenges faced by independent media. The publication has made it clear that its survival depends on the support of its readers and their willingness to contribute to its sustainability. The call to action is an invitation for readers to play a critical role in safeguarding independent journalism and supporting a platform that values free speech and balanced reporting. The fate of The Political Insider now rests in the hands of its loyal readers, who have the power to make a significant impact on its continued existence.