Selena Gomez Jokes She and Emily Blunt ‘Shall Not Speak’ After Golden Globes Lip-Reading Drama

Selena Gomez and Emily Blunt are well aware that the internet is closely monitoring them following their respective lip-reading controversies at the Golden Globes.

“We shall not speak lol,” wrote Gomez, 31, on her Instagram Story on Friday, January 12, sharing a photo with Blunt, 40, taken at the AFI Awards luncheon earlier that day.

In the picture, the two actresses posed solemnly, covering their mouths with one hand as they gazed directly into the camera lens.

Gomez and Blunt became the focus of attention when they attended the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 4, to celebrate their individual acting nominations. During the show, social media buzzed with speculation about the nature of their behind-the-scenes conversations.

Gomez, in particular, was seen chatting with friends Taylor Swift and Keleigh Teller, the wife of actor Miles Teller, during the awards. According to amateur lip-readers online, rumors circulated that Gomez informed her friends that Kylie Jenner had declined the request of the “Only Murders in the Building” star to take a photo with Timothée Chalamet. (Chalamet, 28, brought Jenner, 26, as his Globes plus-one after almost a year of dating.)

Us Weekly later confirmed that Gomez “didn’t speak” with either Chalamet or Jenner at the ceremony. A source clarified, “There was never any drama. She never even ran into him.”

Gomez later clarified via an Instagram comment that she was actually telling Swift about “two of my friends who hooked up.” Chalamet also denied any conflict with Gomez, his former co-star in Woody Allen’s “A Rainy Day in New York.”

The incident prompted Gomez to take a brief break from social media. “I’m off social for a while,” she wrote via her Instagram Story on Tuesday, January 9, along with a snapshot of her boyfriend Benny Blanco. “I’m focusing on what really matters.”

Gomez reactivated her profile several hours later, promoting her Selena + Chef cooking series.

Meanwhile, Blunt attended the Golden Globes with her husband, John Krasinski. As they posed for photos on the red carpet, Krasinski, 44, leaned in to whisper to his wife. Social media fans speculated that he used the word “divorce” or said, “I can’t wait to get through this.” Others suggested that the couple were discussing the weather, with the Office alum expressing, “I can’t wait to get indoors.”

A second source confirmed on Wednesday, January 10, that the couple’s marriage is not on the rocks. “There are no issues with Emily and John. They are absolutely not talking about divorce,” the insider stated. “They think the rumors are funny and ridiculous.”

Blunt and Krasinski have not further addressed the viral Globes moment.