Selena Gomez Reveals the Cause of Her Broken Hand

Selena Gomez is very excited that her single “Soon” has been released. She’s also ready to make her debut on the Billboard Hot 100. However, when responding to a fan’s post about this prediction recently, she admitted that her hand was broken and had to be operated on.

Selena didn’t elaborate on the injury or the surgery at the time. She only revealed the cause of her injury during an interview on the Ellen K Morning Show on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. “I wish I had, like, a really cool story, like I saved someone’s life or something,” she said.

It turns out the cause was trivial but had dangerous consequences. “I was wearing a long dress – a summer dress – and I was walking from the car to the house and tripped,” she explained.

Ellen chimed in on Selena’s story, saying she was lucky her teeth didn’t break. “Yeah, that’s what the doctor said,” said the 31-year-old singer.

While raising her right arm to showcase her new accessory, a dark gray cast, Selena said there might be a silver lining to this incident. “But it’s not fun… It’s not fun,” she added.

Denying Her Song About The Weekend
After the release of her single “Soon” and its music video, Selena Gomez shared a special message with her fans. She also explained the meaning behind her new song.

“Thank you, friends, for all the love for ‘Soon’!!!,” she wrote on Instagram on Friday, August 25, 2023. “It’s a fun song about being comfortable with yourself and enjoying your own company… and it’s also really fun to dance to!”

Her message also addressed fan speculation that her song was inspired by The Weeknd. Although the lyrics suggest that she’s happy about breaking up with her partner and going out to party alone.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were briefly in a romantic relationship in 2017 and broke up ten months later in the same year. After her breakup with The Weeknd, the singer of “I Love You Like A Love Song” was linked back to her ex, Justin Bieber. She has also been linked to several other singers, including Niall Horan, Drew Taggart from The Chainsmokers, and most recently, Zayn Malik.