Self-Diagnosis Tool: Your iPhone and Mac Companion

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to be able to run a diagnosis on the iPhone and Mac that offers us data on the status of the components. Such as the exact degradation of the batteries or possible problems on the screen. All this in order to, if appropriate, have the device repaired (or repair it ourselves).

Well, there is now the green light for this plan. Apple has announced the launch of a diagnostic tool identical to the one your experts use when we take the devices to technical service. At the moment limited to some territories and terminals, but with the idea of expanding it.

A tool that will tell you what is wrong with your Mac or iPhone

‘Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair’ is the name of the new Apple tool that, at the moment, is only included for the Mac M2 and the iPhone 15 series. Yes, there are already new models with M3 chips, but surprisingly they don’t appear on the list.

– mac mini m2
– Mac mini M2 Pro
– Mac Studio M2 Max
– Mac Studio M2 Ultra
– Mac Pro M2 Ultra
– MacBook Air 13.6″ M2
– MacBook Air 15.3″ M2
– MacBook Pro 14.2″ M2 Pro
– MacBook Pro 14.2″ M2 Max.
– MacBook Pro 16.2″ M2 Pro
– MacBook Pro 16.2″ M2 Max.
– iPhone 15
– iPhone 15 Plus
– iPhone 15 Pro
– iPhone 15 Pro Max

The tool is born as part of Apple’s self-repair service that the company presented in mid-2022 and end up arriving in Spain a year ago now. The idea is that, in case of doubts about the state of our equipment, we can carry out a complete diagnosis that determines the faults and based on this, request the repair kit to do it ourselves.

However, it is not mandatory to carry out the repair on our own, since it can also serve as a starting line to take the device to technical service, already knowing what happens to him. Although, yes, the specialists will also carry out a diagnosis in order to obtain first-hand information as well.

What is ultimately intended is analyze the status of components with an official tool which, until now, was only used internally by Apple itself. With it you can obtain complete information about the batteries, check the status of microphones and speakers, if the iPhone touch panel is complete, etc.

For now in the United States, soon in Europe

It is not surprising at this point that Apple presents a service that arrives first in the United States. And although there are some who stay there, in this case there is confirmation of arrival in Europe next year.

They do not provide more details regarding dates and territories, so we will have to continue waiting. Nevertheless, it is assumed that it will arrive in Spain for sure in that first European batch based on the fact that the self-repair service from which it was born also arrived in our country.

Regarding equipment on which to run the diagnosis, it is also expected that it will expand to more teams. Firstly the Macs with M3 launched just a couple of months ago, but continuing with the following Macs and iPhones that the company launches. The question is whether it will end up reaching older models such as the Mac M1 or the iPhone 14. We will see.

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