Serrath Kisses Lupillo Rivera: Maripily Planned It All!

Maripily Rivera’s Controversial Plan to Make Serrath Kiss Lupillo Rivera

Maripily Rivera, the Puerto Rican presenter, has sparked controversy by asking Serrath to give a kiss to Lupillo Rivera. In the midst of an 80s themed party, the participants did not hesitate to take on challenges and stir up controversy among all the contestants.

“Dale un beso y dile que salió aquí,” Maripily declared, receiving the response: “No, Mari,” from her friends as she was touching up her lipstick. With determination, Serrath prepared to ‘conquer’ Jenni Rivera’s brother and stayed true to the plan developed by the group.

Maripily and Serrath discussed how they would approach Lupillo, and all the women present quickly put together the plan. “Le digo: ‘Oye Lupillo, estamos haciendo un reto y salió tu nombre. ¿Puedo darte un beso?’,” highlighted Serrath. “Busca el nombre, busca el nombre. Ten, para que se lo crea. Graben, graben esto. Vayan por el teléfono,” Maripily directed the other women gathered.

With the paper containing Lupillo’s name in hand, Serrath adjusted her dark lipstick and approached Lupillo, who was casually chatting with Ariadna Gutiérrez.

“Irreverentamente, Lupillo mira estaba haciendo un reto y me saliste, tengo que darte un beso en la mejilla. ¿Puedo?,” were Serrath’s words to the singer, who was surprised. “Me salió darte un besito en la mejilla, mira,” responded the influencer, showing the paper where Rivera’s name was written.

Despite the situation being mocked, Lupillo quickly wiped off the kiss, and Ariadna Gutiérrez appeared ‘upset’ by Maripily’s group’s intervention.

The internet was flooded with comments and divided opinions about Maripily Rivera’s actions. Social media users highlighted the discomfort of ‘El Toro del Corrido’ caused by the incident.

Maripily Rivera, known for her outgoing personality and charisma in the entertainment world, is no stranger to controversy, and will continue to be in the eye of the storm.