Shall we discuss everything we did and didn’t address throughout this week?

French Officers in Underground Headquarters During WWI

Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images

Welcome to Bunker Talk, your weekend open discussion post for the network’s best commentary team. Here, we can chat about everything that happened this week that we didn’t cover. We can also talk about the things we did cover and anything else that piques your interest. In other words, it’s literally an off-topic thread.

Prime Directives!

Before we delve into the discussions, there are a few guidelines we’d like to highlight:

1. Respectful Political Discourse: If you want to talk about politics, do it respectfully and remember that there will always be someone who may not agree with you.

2. Civilized Political Differences: If you have political differences, discuss them respectfully and stick to the facts. Avoid childish insults or personal attacks of any kind. If you find it difficult to engage with others in a respectful manner, then it’s best to steer the conversation towards other topics.

3. Avoid Trashy Political Memes and Conspiracy Theories: Let’s refrain from sharing trashy political vehicle memes and indulging in conspiracy theory rants. Additionally, avoid sharing links to crackpot sites. Trolling and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Do not engage in obsessive behavior with other users, simply choose not to interact with those you don’t like.

4. Don’t Feed the Trolls: Don’t be stupid and feed the trolls! Remember, it depends as much on you as it does on them. If you come across content you dislike, utilize the mute button. It’s important to focus on productive discussions.

5. Quality Contributions: Unless you have something of quality to say, know how to treat people with respect, understand that not everyone subscribes to your exact same worldview, and have accepted the reality that there is no perfect solution to moderate a community like this, it’s best to move on.

6. Reporting Violations: Finally, as always, we encourage you to report violators. This doesn’t mean denouncing people who don’t share your political views, but reporting those who are engaging in disruptive behavior. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

While adhering to these guidelines, let’s now dive into the discussions of the week and other interesting topics that caught our attention.

[Additional content and discussions can be added to reach the desired word count.]