Shocking: OnlyFans Model’s Explicit Behavior Causes Closure of Strange NYC-Dublin Portal, Along with Other Startling Events (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

New York City-Dublin Portal Shut Down After Multiple Explicit Incidents

The innovative idea of the New York City-Dublin portal, aimed at bringing people together across continents, was met with chaotic consequences just days after its installation. The portal, consisting of two large circular livestreaming screens connecting New York City and Dublin, became a site of disturbing displays and lewd acts, leading to its ultimate shutdown.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Saturday that the portals were intended to bridge the gap between the two cities, but the initial excitement quickly turned into controversy. Just a day after the portals went live, the Dublin side displayed a graphic image of the Twin Towers on fire, triggering painful memories of the 9/11 terrorist attack for viewers in New York.

However, the most shocking incident that led to the closure of the portal occurred on Sunday when an OnlyFans star named Ava Louise deliberately exposed her breasts in front of the livestreaming cameras. The brazen act, captured in footage that quickly went viral, showed Louise lifting her shirt to reveal her chest and provocatively dancing in front of the camera.

In a Twitter post, the video was shared by @OliLondonTV, highlighting the stunned reactions of onlookers who witnessed the explicit display through the portal. Louise later boasted on Instagram about shutting down the portal with her indecent act, claiming that the people of Dublin deserved to see her controversial stunt.

This is not the first time Ava Louise has courted controversy with her attention-seeking behavior. In March 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she gained notoriety for licking a toilet seat as part of a “coronavirus challenge” aimed at achieving fame. Her consistent pattern of outlandish acts has drawn criticism and condemnation from various sources.

The New York Post reported that Louise’s lewd act was just one of several disturbing incidents that occurred at the portal site in recent days. The Daily Mail documented instances of individuals flashing obscene gestures, holding up offensive symbols like swastikas, and engaging in drug use in front of the livestreaming cameras.

The portal’s shutdown was a result of the escalating chaos and unacceptable behavior that took place on both sides of the connection. Security personnel on site confirmed that the portal would be offline for an indefinite period due to the ongoing disruptions caused by inappropriate conduct.

In the aftermath of these events, questions have been raised about the feasibility and security measures surrounding such public installations. The New York City-Dublin portal experiment, which initially aimed to foster global connectivity, has instead highlighted the risks and challenges associated with open access to public technology.

As authorities work to address the fallout from the portal shutdown, the incident serves as a cautionary tale about the potential misuse and abuse of such interconnected platforms. The need for vigilance and accountability in managing innovative technologies remains a pressing concern in an increasingly digital world.