‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown Criticizes Kody Brown for Blaming His Wives

Robyn Brown Criticizes Husband Kody Brown for His Treatment of Exes in ‘Sister Wives: Talk Back Part 1’ Special

Robyn Brown, one of the wives featured on the TLC reality show Sister Wives, is speaking out against her husband, Kody Brown, over his treatment of his ex-wives. In the recent Sister Wives: Talk Back Part 1 special, Robyn confronted Kody for his comments about his former wives.

During the special, Robyn and Kody watched a season 18 episode of the show featuring Kody’s exes, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown. In the episode, Kody is heard referring to Janelle as a “s**t sister wife.”

Robyn immediately took issue with Kody’s comment, telling him to stop making the conversation about sister wives. Kody initially apologized before explaining that he felt the whole family, including the sister wives, should be considered in the discussion.

Robyn continued to argue her point, insisting that Kody always focuses on the relationships with the sister wives and never addresses his actual issues with his wives. She accused him of deflecting blame onto the sister wives rather than taking responsibility for his actions.

In response, Kody pointed out that his lack of loyalty was a major problem with his exes. Robyn shot back, insisting that Kody needed to stop pointing fingers at the sister wives and instead confront the issues directly.

Throughout the talk-back episode, Robyn did not shy away from asserting her position, even explaining to Kody that she could not weigh in on a conversation about Janelle’s behavior in a family discussion clip, as she refused to gang up on Janelle or side against Kody.

Robyn’s confrontation with Kody comes amid his shift to a more monogamous lifestyle. Kody has experienced three splits in three years with his first wives and now declares that he lives in monogamy with Robyn as his only remaining wife.

The Sister Wives: Look Back, Where We Started special is set to air on Sunday, December 24 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC, while Sister Wives: Talk Back, Part 2 will air on Friday, December 29 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Robyn Brown’s public criticism of her husband on the talk-back special has sparked conversations among Sister Wives fans about the dynamics of the plural marriage on the show. The tense exchange has also raised questions about Kody’s treatment of his ex-wives and his shift to a more monogamous lifestyle.

Kody’s controversial comments and his strained relationships with his ex-wives have been a prominent part of the show’s narrative, and Robyn’s vocal criticism adds another layer of complexity to the family’s dynamics.

Fans of Sister Wives have taken to social media to voice their support for Robyn and express their frustration with Kody’s treatment of his ex-wives. Many have praised Robyn for standing up for herself and refusing to be dismissed or sidelined in her relationship with Kody.

The public confrontation between Robyn and Kody is likely to shape the upcoming episodes of Sister Wives, as fans anticipate more discussions on the dynamics of the family and the relationships between the wives and Kody. With tensions running high, viewers are eager to see how the family dynamics will evolve in future episodes of the reality show.

Sister Wives has been a captivating and controversial show, offering a glimpse into the complexities of polygamous relationships and the challenges faced by the family. As Robyn continues to assert herself and confront Kody over his treatment of his ex-wives, the show remains a compelling exploration of the intricacies of plural marriage and family dynamics.

Robyn’s public criticism has shed light on the internal tensions within the family while also provoking important discussions about the nature of the relationships between the wives and Kody. As the series continues, fans are eager to see how these dynamics will play out and impact the family’s future.