Skeptical Glances: Observing Spain’s Shift

It has been almost a year since the unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro at WWDC 2023, and despite its launch in the United States in February, many are wondering when it will arrive in countries like Spain. Recent leaks suggest that the Vision Pro may soon be launched in new countries, with France possibly being one of the first in Europe.

Apple’s strategic approach to launching the Vision Pro in the United States first was a way to test the product with a familiar audience before expanding to other “friendly” countries. While Spain has not been included in the initial launch plans, countries like France, Australia, and Japan are showing signs of preparing for the arrival of the Vision Pro.

For Spanish Apple enthusiasts, the wait for the Vision Pro may be longer than expected, as there are currently no indications of Spain being in the second wave of launches. However, the possibility of a third wave launch in the future remains uncertain.

Despite the delay in Spain, those eager to purchase the Vision Pro can consider buying it in France, where it may be more readily available and possibly at a lower cost. Additionally, the European guarantee for the product may be more convenient in countries like France, offering at least two years of warranty compared to one year globally.

As the anticipation for the international launch of the Apple Vision Pro continues, interested buyers in Spain can keep an eye out for updates and announcements during WWDC 2024. While the exact timing of the launch in Spain remains uncertain, the possibility of experiencing the innovative features of the Vision Pro in the near future is exciting for Apple fans worldwide.