Starting in 2027, the BMW factory in Munich, which has been in operation for 75 years, will produce only electric vehicles.

BMW’s Munich Factory To Produce Electric Cars Exclusively

BMW has announced that one of its oldest factories in central Munich will become a production center exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of electric cars, according to a press release by BMW. The company plans to convert the Munich plant to produce “Neue Klasse” electric vehicles starting in 2027.

The Munich factory, one of BMW’s oldest facilities with roots dating back to the 1920s, will be the fourth BMW location to produce electric vehicles. The factory confirmation comes as the company has recently built a new plant in Hungary and has already opened electric vehicle manufacturing facilities in China and Mexico.

The production is set to begin with the “Neue Klasse sedan,” a model expected to be similar in size to the 3 Series, known as the i3, scheduled for release in 2026. Following the sedan, other models in the range will be produced at a later date.

The switch to exclusively electric vehicles at the Munich factory is set to take place by 2027, at which point, gasoline and diesel vehicles will be phased out. The electric vehicle lineup, which will be produced at the Munich factory, is part of BMW’s broader commitment to eco-friendly and sustainable mobility solutions.

The first vehicle to be manufactured at the Munich plant was the BMW 501 in 1952, although as early as 1922, the factory was already producing buses and agricultural equipment in Munich. BMW says the Munich plant is planned to maintain production of around 1,000 vehicles per day while the “Neue Klasse” conversion takes place.

In addition, the company plans to invest 650 million euros to modernize the Munich plant, including the construction of four new buildings, including a new vehicle assembly line, a new body shop, and logistics areas. The investment is expected to pave the way for the Munich and Hungarian factories to be configured according to BMW’s ‘iFactory’ standard, which integrates artificial intelligence to optimize production.

Milan Nedeljković, BMW’s head of production, stated, “We are investing 650 million euros here and will exclusively produce fully electric vehicles at our parent plant from the end of 2027.”

The multinational corporation is demonstrating its technological and environmental leadership by investing in and advancing electrification across its manufacturing operations. By transitioning to electric vehicle production in multiple locations around the world, BMW is furthering its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly transportation technology.

The launch of Neue Klasse cars at the Munich factory in 2027 contrasts with BMW’s Hungarian plant, which will commence production of an X3-sized SUV in 2025, before adding the sedan the following year. Furthermore, BMW’s commitment to electric vehicles extends to other locations, with plans to add Neue Klasse production in Shenyang, China, as well as San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

The move to exclusively electric vehicle production at the pioneering Munich facility represents a milestone for the automotive industry and serves as a testament to BMW’s dedication to innovation and commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

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