Staten Island Residents Express Frustration With Unauthorized Immigrants, Considering Secession from New York City

Title: Staten Island Considers Secession as Illegal Immigration Crisis Intensifies


Calls are growing in Staten Island, New York, for the borough to secede and break away from the rest of New York City. Staten Island, known as the forgotten borough, has long been an outlier within the five boroughs, with a predominantly conservative Republican population. Recent increases in crime and the influx of illegal immigrants have pushed many residents to their breaking point, prompting a renewed push for independence. Staten Island’s battle for self-determination, however, faces significant challenges in gaining approval from the New York City Council and the state Legislature.

Growing Concerns in Staten Island:

Staten Island has always maintained its unique identity within the diverse landscape of New York City. This borough, characterized by its more conservative values and a substantial population of Republicans and Trump supporters, has often found itself at odds with the rest of the city. In the 2020 presidential election, Staten Island predominantly voted for former President Donald Trump, further highlighting its deviation from the rest of the blue stronghold.

In recent years, Staten Islanders have become increasingly frustrated with the rising crime rates and the handling of illegal immigration by Mayor Adams. The recent bussing of illegal immigrants into residential neighborhoods, with limited vetting, has sparked outrage and concern among residents. The close proximity of migrant shelters to elementary schools has raised legitimate safety concerns that people are not willing to disregard.

Push for Secession:

Staten Island’s desire for independence is not new, as the borough has often toyed with the idea in the past. However, the current crisis regarding illegal immigration has intensified calls for secession. The secession process would require the approval of both the New York City Council and the state Legislature, posing a significant challenge for Staten Island’s fight for self-determination.

Representative Nicole Malliotakis has become a prominent voice in the push for secession, openly criticizing Mayor Adams and calling for him to either address the concerns or allow Staten Island to secede. The representative’s remarks at a recent protest against a new migrant shelter showcased the frustration and determination of Staten Islanders to protect their community.

Staten Island’s Uphill Battle:

Despite the uphill battle Staten Island faces in its quest for independence, local officials are not willing to back down. A growing chorus of elected representatives and community leaders are committed to fighting for Staten Island’s right to self-determination. They argue that the borough’s unique characteristics and demands should not be overshadowed by the decisions made by the rest of New York City.

The Issue of Crime:

The rise in crime rates has been a significant contributing factor to the growing calls for secession. Staten Island, once considered a relatively safe community, has seen an increase in violent crimes, leaving residents feeling vulnerable and unsafe. Critics argue that the city’s policies and the mishandling of the illegal immigration crisis have exacerbated the crime issue and undermined public safety.

Opposing Views:

While many Staten Islanders support the secession movement, there are contrasting opinions on the issue. Some believe that breaking away from New York City may lead to negative consequences and isolation for the borough. They emphasize the importance of unity, shared resources, and the potential economic implications of secession. These individuals argue that addressing the problems within the existing framework is a more viable solution.


The calls for secession in Staten Island reflect the frustrations and concerns of a community grappling with the repercussions of illegal immigration and rising crime rates. Staten Islanders are making their voices heard in their fight for self-determination and a safer, better future for their borough. While the secession process is complex and challenging, the determination of local officials and residents ensures that the conversation surrounding Staten Island’s independence will continue to gain traction. The path forward may be uncertain, but the demand for change is resolute, with Staten Island’s identity and security on the line.