Sunny Hostin Receives Fact-Check from ‘The View’ Co-hosts Over Connection Between Solar Eclipse, Earthquake, and Climate Change: ‘Earthquakes Happen Underground, Not Due to Climate Change’ (VIDEO)

“The View” Co-Host Fact-Checked by Co-Hosts for Climate Change Remarks

In a recent episode of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin found herself fact-checked by her fellow co-hosts after making connections between natural phenomena and climate change that were challenged by her colleagues.

The segment began with co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin discussing the rare occurrence of a solar eclipse and a recent earthquake in New York City, which had sparked end-of-the-world conspiracies online.

Griffin commented, “So, what’s kind of crazy is with the earthquake on Friday and then the eclipse today, people are having all sorts of conspiracies about the end of the world,” before mentioning that the earthquake’s epicenter was located in Bedminster, New Jersey, and jokingly attributing it to former President Trump.

Sunny Hostin then shared a story about her studio makeup artist’s reaction to the earthquake, recounting how the artist exclaimed, “Jesus is coming” and “the rapture is here,” causing panic backstage. Hostin also mentioned the imminent arrival of cicadas, mispronouncing the word, to which fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg corrected her.

Goldberg clarified that there are two different kinds of cicadas that emerge every 17 years, correcting Hostin’s assertion that this was the first occurrence in nearly a century. Despite the correction, Hostin attempted to tie the emergence of cicadas, the solar eclipse, and the earthquake to climate change.

Joy Behar directly challenged Hostin’s attempt to link the earthquake to climate change, pointing out that seismic activity is underground and unrelated to the planet’s climate. Goldberg also chimed in, emphasizing that eclipses are predictable events and not indicators of impending doom.

The co-hosts continued to discuss the misunderstanding between natural phenomena and climate change, with Goldberg joking about God’s lack of warning before catastrophic events such as the Tower of Babel.

Overall, the segment highlighted the importance of accurate information and scientific understanding when discussing complex topics like climate change on national television.

The discussion on “The View” serves as a reminder of the need for fact-checking and critical thinking in public discourse, especially when it comes to issues as significant as climate change. As viewers, it is essential to question and verify information presented to us, ensuring that we are engaging in informed discussions and promoting accurate information in public discourse.