Super Bowl 2024: Taylor Swift celebrates her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s victory in the NFL

Surrounded by football fans, cameras and confetti, Taylor Swift shared a kiss on the field with her boyfriend Travis Kelce after the football star earned a second straight Super Bowl victory.

Millions of Americans had tuned in to the championship game, which also highlighted Swift’s romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Kelce.

Her hug, following the Chiefs’ thrilling victory over the San Francisco 49ers, was a cinematic end to a football season in which Swift and her new boyfriend have often taken center stage.


The singer, currently in the midst of her Billion Dollar Eras tour, has been a regular at Kelce’s games since her first NFL appearance in September.

Together, the two megastars have become a cultural juggernaut, inspiring memes, gripping tabloid coverage, and themed merchandise.

To some, their relationship apparently seemed too good to be true, and right-wing critics wove conspiracy theories around Swift and Kelce tracks.

Some critics even claimed their relationship was part of a plot to rig the championship game in an effort to help US President Joe Biden, a Democrat, get elected.

On Sunday, Donald Trump appeared to weigh in, saying it would be “disloyal” of Swift to endorse Joe Biden, because Trump had previously signed a law making it easier for artists to collect royalties when their songs are streamed.

“Besides that, I like her boyfriend, Travis,” she added in a post on her social media platform.

Some longtime football fans have complained about the sudden arrival of Swift, who has dominated the NFL conversation for months. Still, her presence has been a clear help to the league.

Earlier on Sunday, Swift was photographed speaking with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who called her a “dynamo.”

“Everything she touches, there are people who follow her,” he said at her annual news conference. “We consider ourselves lucky and we celebrate.”

In fact, Swift’s huge fandom has brought an even larger audience to American sports.