Supporters of Hamas detained for obstructing the road outside Dallas airport where Biden was landing in Air Force One (Video) – The Gateway Pundit

Dozen Hamas Supporters Arrested for Blocking Road Outside Love Field When Biden Arrives in Dallas

Over a dozen Hamas supporters were arrested by Dallas police Monday night for blocking the road outside Love Field where Joe Biden was arriving on Air Force One, authorities confirmed. Some accounts on X Twitter falsely claimed the protesters rushed the tarmac. That did not happen. However, the protesters claim to have delayed Biden’s arrival. Earlier Monday, Biden was heckled by Hamas supporters while giving a campaign speech at a Black church in South Carolina.

The original video of the protest was posted by the Palestinian Youth Movement, the same group behind the New York City bridges and tunnel blockades earlier Monday. The protest video claims the protestors were arrested for blocking a road outside the airport. A former Palestinian intern of the late Eddie Bernice Johnson, who Biden was in town to pay respects to, was among those arrested.

“DALLAS EMERGENCY RALLY TO FREE THE 12 PROTESTERS WHO BLOCKED BIDEN & DELAYED HIS ARRIVAL IN DALLAS! Among the arrested is a former Palestinian intern of the late Eddie Bernice Johnson who Biden is in Dallas to pay respects to. Join us at 111 W Commerce St. NOW!” tweeted the Palestinian Youth Movement.

In another tweet, the group posted a Dallas protest graphic calling Biden “Genocide Joe” and said, “Biden is not welcome in Dallas while he fully funds and supports the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza!”

However, videos taken by local reporters on the tarmac show Biden’s arrival was not disrupted. President Biden arrives in Dallas for Eddie Bernice Johnson’s wake. This marks @POTUS’s first visit to our city since he took office, tweeted Sydney Persing.

Furthermore, KDFW video of Biden at the wake for Johnson held at Concord Church also showed no signs of interruption in the President’s arrival.

Biden was in Dallas to attend a wake service Monday night for the late Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) who passed away December 31 at the age of 89. Johnson served 30 years in Congress, retiring in 2022.

The reported arrest of Hamas supporters comes amid escalating tensions in the Middle East and growing violence in the region. The Israel-Palestine conflict has seen unrest, with Hamas being a prominent player in the situation.

The incident also comes as Biden’s strong support of Israel has drawn criticism and condemnation from some groups who view the US President as complicit in the alleged genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

The involvement of a former Palestinian intern of the late Eddie Bernice Johnson among the arrested protesters shows the deep–rooted internal conflict and varying sentiments among different groups within the United States.

This incident is a stark reminder of the deep–seated political and social divides within the country, with different groups expressing their support or opposition to the policies of the current administration. It also highlights the ongoing international concerns and unrest in regions like the Middle East, which have far-reaching implications beyond their borders.

This incident has sparked polarizing reactions on social media, with different groups expressing solidarity with the protesters or condemning their actions.

Local authorities have yet to release a statement regarding the arrests and the subsequent rally called by the Palestinian Youth Movement. The situation is still developing, and it remains to be seen how it will unfold in the coming days.