Teale Secures $11 Million in Funding to Enhance Workplace Mental Health Suppor

Teale, a French startup specializing in mental health solutions for the workplace, has successfully raised $11 million (€10 million) in a recent funding round during the early part of this summer. This innovative company focuses on delivering a comprehensive mental health platform tailored for employees, while also offering valuable tools for HR managers to proactively address burnout and disengagement.

The Series A funding round is led by prominent investors, including Alter Equity and Bpifrance’s Digital Venture fund. Teale’s existing backers, Isai and Evolem, are also reaffirming their commitment to the startup by participating in this funding round.

The Teale platform serves a dual purpose. It functions as a valuable perk for employees, aligning with the growing consensus that employers should play a role in supporting mental well-being. Concurrently, Teale’s design allows HR managers to gain insights into the organizational mental health landscape.

Julia Néel Biz, Co-founder and CEO of Teale, highlighted the company’s mission to democratize and destigmatize mental health, utilizing technology, data, and scientific expertise to foster healthier workplaces. Néel Biz emphasized, “Our objective is not only to aid employees but also to cultivate more resilient organizations.”

Teale’s utilization is straightforward. When employees receive an invitation from their company to access Teale, they can readily download and install the app. The platform initiates with a comprehensive survey that evaluates mental health across various parameters. This survey is based on a proprietary index collaboratively developed with a scientific advisory board comprising psychiatrists and psychology experts. The efficacy of this index has been empirically validated as an accurate gauge of mental well-being.

Upon completing the survey, Teale offers personalized content relevant to the individual’s circumstances. Teale’s content repository boasts over 1,000 audio and video resources covering topics such as stress, sleep, burnout, grief, and infertility.

For individuals seeking more specialized assistance, Teale facilitates appointments with certified psychiatrists and psychologists. This aspect is particularly noteworthy, offering guidance for those uncertain about how to initiate therapy.

From a management perspective, Teale equips companies with tools to foster a conducive work environment. Notably, Teale emphasizes a holistic approach and refrains from acting as a monitor that flags struggling employees. Instead, the platform provides a comprehensive overview of the prevailing situation.

The HR team can track the adoption of Teale within the company, monitoring metrics like the number of accounts created and individual session requests. For larger entities with over 20 individuals in a specific business unit, department, or country, Teale can provide an average mental health score for that group. The platform delves into aspects such as workload, management quality, and the ability to disconnect, which can help identify potential issues within teams or managerial practices.

Currently, around 100 companies have integrated Teale into their employee benefits, including prominent names like Sanofi, SNCF, Cartier, and EY. On average, 45% of the workforce within these companies actively use Teale. With the injection of funds from this recent funding round, Teale intends to grow its team from 25 to 80 employees over the next 18 months. The startup also has aspirations to expand its reach to new international markets.