Televisa Actress Faces Violence

An actress being beaten by her partner is a heartbreaking situation that has recently come to light. The video of the incident went viral on social media, showing the woman being physically assaulted by what is believed to be her partner. Shockingly, it has been revealed that the actress was pregnant at the time of the attack.

The victim has been identified as Yael Duval, a well-known actress from the Televisa network. This incident sheds light on the prevalence of domestic violence, as it was reported that she had previously filed ten complaints against her ex-partner, Anuar Narchi, without receiving any action from the authorities.

The disturbing footage, shared by journalist Carlos Jiménez, shows the moment when Duval was assaulted by her ex-partner, leaving her on the ground. Despite legal actions taken by Duval against Narchi, he remains free and continues to threaten her.

Yael Duval, a 33-year-old actress who rose to fame through her roles in Televisa’s series ‘Vecinos’, has faced physical, emotional, and psychological abuse from her former partner. Despite the challenging circumstances, Duval has not made any public statements regarding the incident.

As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that Yael Duval’s case highlights the urgent need for support and protection for victims of domestic violence. The actress, also a mother of two, has shown immense bravery in facing these challenges. Her story serves as a reminder of the importance of raising awareness and taking action against all forms of abuse.