Terrifying Moment in Chile: Woman Dragging Suitcase Through the Streets

A terrifying moment was captured by a neighbor’s camera when he decided to film a woman on the street doing something no one would have imagined. In a shocking and disturbing event, Chile is shaken by the discovery of a nun carrying a strange suitcase through the streets. This ‘macabre’ incident has shocked public opinion and sparked intense debate about the boundaries of loyalty and morality in human relationships.

The scene was captured on Monday, April 8th, where a figure dressed as a nun was seen dragging a suitcase sealed with plastic, inside of which was the body of her alleged friend. Immediately, the woman, identified as Lorenza Ramírez, 80 years old, walked determinedly through the streets of Santiago, Chile, carrying the body of her deceased friend. This terrible and horrifying event has left the city residents stunned. The woman dressed as a nun left the suitcase with the body on Los Talaveras street after dragging it without much difficulty through the commune’s streets.

A garbage collector passing by moments later confirmed he had no relation to the macabre discovery. The body was identified as Erica Fernandez Mora and was found inside the suitcase, with no signs of third-party intervention, increasing intrigue about the motives behind this eerie act. Hours later, Lorenza Ramírez confessed to having a “pact” with the deceased, agreeing not to notify authorities in the event of either of their deaths. This revelation sheds light on the relationship between the two women and their motivations to hide the body for so long.

The Archdiocese of Santiago issued a statement clarifying that the woman in the images is not a recognized religious by them, and there are no records of the deceased person being a nun. This statement raises questions about the identity and true nature of the women involved in this disturbing incident. Lorenza Ramírez was captured by authorities but was released and kept away from prosecution, as the Prosecutor’s Office stated there was no risk of flight due to her age and previous behavior.

After conducting the appropriate investigations, Chilean authorities found that the case was not related to a murder but rather a pact between the two women. According to reports, both women were partners and had established an agreement related to death. Lorenza and Erica had a treaty that stated when one passed away, the other would care for the body for the rest of her life. Lorenza followed the pact to the letter and kept the body in her home until one day she decided to place it in the suitcase and abandon it out of fear.