Terry Dubrow encourages Kelly Clarkson to openly discuss her use of weight loss medications.

Renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Terry Dubrow, has commended singer Kelly Clarkson for her honesty in admitting to using a weight loss drug. However, he expressed disappointment in the previous lack of transparency and encouraged others to follow suit.

In a recent encounter in Beverly Hills, Dr. Dubrow praised Kelly Clarkson for her remarkable transformation but expressed displeasure at her initial denial of using the weight loss drug Ozempic. This denial inadvertently drew attention to another weight loss drug, Mounjaro.

Dr. Dubrow emphasized that Ozempic is a revolutionary drug that not only aids in weight loss but also addresses various health issues. While Mounjaro may provide quicker results, Dr. Dubrow advocated for normalizing the use of Ozempic due to its effectiveness, despite potential side effects common to all medications.

Anticipating a significant shift in the medical landscape with the emergence of Ozempic and Mounjaro, Dr. Dubrow encouraged individuals, including Kelly Clarkson, to acknowledge and celebrate this progress.

Kelly Clarkson candidly disclosed on her talk show about resorting to a weight loss drug following concerning bloodwork results. She promptly clarified that the drug she used was not Ozempic, setting the record straight before any speculation arose.

Before this revelation, Kelly Clarkson had been evasive about her weight loss journey, attributing it solely to exercise and a high-protein diet. Dr. Dubrow underscored the importance of openly discussing the use of weight loss medications without hesitation.

In conclusion, Dr. Dubrow emphasized the significance of transparency in weight loss journeys and highlighted the positive impact of groundbreaking medications like Ozempic and Mounjaro. He urged individuals, including Kelly Clarkson, to embrace and share their experiences to promote a healthier dialogue on weight loss methods.