Thalía’s Previous Loves Before Tommy Mottola: A Journey through Past Relationships

Thalía, the Mexican actress, singer, and entrepreneur, has had an eventful romantic life before finding love with her husband Tommy Mottola. Let’s take a closer look at the seven men who captured the heart of this global star.

Thalía’s list of ex-boyfriends includes Erik Rubín, Jaime Camil, Rodrigo Vidal, Diego Schoening, Benny Ibarra, Alfredo Díaz Ordaz, and Fernando Colunga. During her prime as a solo artist and highly regarded actress in Mexico, Thalía had several high-profile and controversial relationships. However, since 2000, she has been happily married to Tommy Mottola, who she exchanged eternal vows with in New York.

Erik Rubín was Thalía’s boyfriend during their time in the popular band Timbiriche. Their relationship became the talk of the Mexican press. In an exclusive interview in 2021, Rubín revealed that he and Thalía were together before Paulina Rubio. He jokingly mentioned being the one with a broken heart. Rubín described their relationship as serious but ended due to an irreparable argument.

Diego Schoening was another member of Timbiriche who dated Thalía during their time in the group. In an interview, Erik Rubín accused Schoening of taking Thalía away from him. However, Schoening stated that he had no intentions as he was unaware of Rubín’s relationship. He fondly recalled their romance, which blossomed when they were both part of Timbiriche.

Jaime Camil, the Mexican actor and producer, also won Thalía’s heart in the ’90s. Their relationship ended when Thalía moved to Spain for a project. Camil described her as calm and someone who enjoyed deep conversations and bohemian plans. Unfortunately, he wasn’t initially favored by Thalía’s mother.

Thalía dated Alfredo Díaz Ordaz, the son of former Mexican President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz. The public and formal relationship faced criticism due to their significant age difference of almost 20 years. Tragically, Ordaz passed away in December 1993 from Hepatitis C, a time when the couple was engaged.

Actor Rodrigo Vidal was one of Thalía’s ex-lovers in the ’90s when both were major soap opera stars. Their relationship lasted exactly one year. Vidal, who is private about his love life, reminisced about their romance as “beautiful things and beautiful scents” in a 2019 interview with People en Español.

According to Mexican media, Thalía and Fernando Colunga had a romantic relationship after working together in “María la del barrio.” Although neither confirmed nor denied their relationship, the chemistry between the actors was so strong that there were even speculations about their romantic involvement before filming the soap opera. Colunga has always been one of the most sought-after heartthrobs in Mexican television, so a relationship with Thalía wouldn’t be surprising.

Benny Ibarra, the Mexican actor, singer, and producer, also had a relationship with Thalía during their time in Timbiriche. However, the romance didn’t last long as Ibarra left Mexico to study abroad. Ibarra was considered one of the heartthrobs of Timbiriche, and he had brief flings with many of his female bandmates, including Paulina Rubio, Thalía, and Sasha Sökol.

Thalía’s love life has been a topic of interest throughout her career. From her high-profile romances to her happy marriage with Tommy Mottola, she has experienced the ups and downs of love in the public eye. Despite her past relationships, Thalía has found her soulmate, and together they continue to build a beautiful life.