The 2023 Chevy Colorado is experiencing a rougher ride than expected due to being equipped with 24-inch bagged suspension.

Title: Kenneth McCay Unveils Customized Chevy Colorado for SEMA Show

In anticipation of the upcoming SEMA show in November, owner Kenneth McCay has revealed his remarkable custom-built Chevy Colorado truck. The vehicle boasts impressive modifications, including a low ride height, massive wheels, and a striking color-blocked aesthetic. With the possibility of adding “crazy graphics” to enhance its appeal, McCay has already transformed the truck into a showstopper. This article explores the extensive modifications made to the Chevy Colorado, highlighting its unique features, impressive audio system, and McCay’s expertise in creating remarkable show trucks.


1. A Classic Minitruck with Remarkable Upgrades
Kenneth McCay’s Chevy Colorado, designed for the upcoming SEMA show, has captured attention with its classic minitruck appeal. The truck’s stunning aesthetics, featuring a low ride height and oversized wheels, stand out in a crowd. McCay intends to further enhance the truck’s appearance by considering the addition of eye-catching graphics. Still, the vehicle already sports an extensive list of modifications, including air suspension, color-matched mirrors, door handles, grille, Chevy bowtie, a K&N intake, blower valve, and a camper shell.

2. Immaculate Audio Experience
One cannot overlook the impressive audio system that accompanies the custom Chevy Colorado. To ensure an exceptional auditory experience, McCay has partnered with Kenwood. The truck will feature an astounding sixteen 12-inch subwoofers, eighteen amplifiers, and seven sets of midranges and tweeters. With the addition of custom-upholstered seats, this truck essentially becomes a mobile concert stage, showcasing its audio prowess alongside its visual appeal.

3. McCay’s Expertise in Customizing Show Trucks
Kenneth McCay is no stranger to the world of show trucks. Having previously built a Maverick with graphics for SEMA, McCay has proven his ability to create visually striking vehicles. Although he has only owned the Chevy Colorado for seven weeks, he has completely transformed it from its factory condition. The caravan shell featured on the truck is reportedly a prototype, further demonstrating McCay’s drive to push boundaries and experiment with new designs.

4. Embracing the 2000 Revival
The customized Chevy Colorado carries a distinct nostalgia for the 2000 revival era, which contributes to its overall appeal. Despite its unique aesthetic, it may not be to everyone’s taste. However, McCay’s Maverick project from last year serves as a testament to his skill in handling light trucks. With his expertise and attention to detail, McCay has successfully elevated the Colorado into a standout vehicle that captures the essence of the 2000 revival.

5. A Preview of the SEMA Show
While Kenneth McCay’s Chevy Colorado stands out, it is just one among many extraordinary vehicles that will grace the SEMA show. The event promises a diverse range of new Colorados, showcasing the vibrant trucking culture. Whether or not McCay’s creation aligns with personal taste, the SEMA show guarantees an array of captivating vehicles to experience and appreciate.

Kenneth McCay’s customized Chevy Colorado for the upcoming SEMA show embodies the spirit of show trucks, with its remarkable modifications and striking aesthetics. The extensive list of upgrades, including air suspension, color-matched features, and a unique audio system, showcases McCay’s attention to detail and expertise in building exceptional vehicles. Despite being owned for a short period, this Colorado has been completely transformed into a rolling work of art. As enthusiasts eagerly await the SEMA show, the showcase of new Colorados ensures there will be something unique and exciting for everyone.