The 2025 Kia EV6 comes with a bigger battery, extended driving range, and more stylish design.

Kia Unveils Updated EV6 for 2025 Model Year with Improved Performance and Features

Kia has announced the launch of an updated version of its popular EV6 electric vehicle for the 2025 model year. The EV6, which was first introduced about two years ago, has already garnered accolades for its performance and design. However, Kia is not resting on its laurels and has made significant improvements to the new model to enhance its capabilities and appeal to consumers.

The updated EV6 will continue to be built on the E-GMP platform but will feature several key enhancements. One of the most notable changes is the addition of a stiffer B-pillar, which will improve chassis rigidity and enhance crash safety. The frequency-sensitive damping has also been retuned to improve ride comfort, while additional acoustic damping will reduce cabin noise.

In terms of performance, the battery capacity has been increased from 77.4 kilowatt-hours to 84, which is expected to boost range by up to four percent on long-range rear-drive models. This improvement could translate to an additional 12 miles of range, although Kia did not provide a specific range estimate for the US market.

The updated EV6 will also feature revised headlights, new paint options, and different bumpers on the GT-Line trim, hinting at stylistic changes in the new model. While Kia has not confirmed any plans for an EV6 GT performance model at this time, it is possible that a power increase to match the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, which boasts 641 horsepower, could be in the works.

Behind the scenes, Kia has upgraded the EV6’s technology with standard wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, improved remote parking assist, and steering wheel grip detection. These enhancements are aimed at improving driver-assist features and onboard transmission capabilities. The updated EV6 will also offer additional connectivity options and expanded wireless update systems to enhance various aspects of the vehicle.

While pricing and availability for the US market have not yet been announced, the base model of the 2025 Kia EV6 will start at approximately $40,500 in South Korea. Given that the 2024 model saw a price increase of around $2,000 in the US, consumers can expect a similar price jump when the 2025 model arrives stateside.

Overall, the updated Kia EV6 promises to build upon the success of its predecessor with improved performance, features, and design elements. With a focus on safety, comfort, and technology, the 2025 EV6 is poised to set a new standard in the electric vehicle market.

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