The conclusion of ‘The Crown’ marked a poignant moment as it united all three actresses who portrayed Queen Elizabeth II in a heartfelt conclusion.

The series creators, in crafting the emotional finale, aimed to pay tribute to the actresses who contributed to the iconic portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II throughout the show’s run.

In the concluding season, spanning seven years and culminating in 2005, the show’s creator, Peter Morgan, sought to acknowledge the global experience of Queen Elizabeth’s loss depicted in the series. This led to a powerful sequence featuring an 80-year-old Elizabeth, played by Imelda Staunton, reflecting on her life and legacy in St George’s Chapel, a place of her eventual resting.

Staunton’s reflection allowed for cameo appearances by Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, who portrayed the queen in earlier seasons. Director Stephen Daldry, who helmed the show’s initial episodes in 2016, returned for these scenes. The logistical challenges of coordinating the schedules of the three queens were recounted by cinematographer Adriano Goldman, emphasizing the emotional nature of the final scene.

The scene, set in a narrow choir nave, presented challenges for Goldman in terms of lighting and space. The sequence, featuring Staunton visualizing her own coffin, was described as “very, very emotional.” The theme of age permeates the episode, as Elizabeth faces the reality of turning 80 and discussions about life and death unfold.

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Goldman shared his personal experience of the emotional impact of Queen Elizabeth’s death on the cast and crew, recalling the decision to halt filming as a sign of respect. Despite rumors of a possible prequel series, creator Peter Morgan expressed a desire for a break from royal stories in the immediate future, stating that while he expects to miss it, there are no plans for the short term.