The contest has a new location!

Mexico to Host Upcoming Miss Universe Pageant

After the exciting crowning of Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua as the reigning Miss Universe, Mexico received an unexpected surprise. The organizers announced that Mexico has been chosen as the host country for the upcoming edition of the prestigious competition. Entrepreneur Raúl Rocha Cantú, representing the organization, made the long-awaited announcement in an unexpected video.

“The beauty is as infinite as a dreamy landscape, the vast typical cuisine, or the legacy of its ancient Maya and Aztec culture,” he narrated in the clip. While further details have not yet been revealed, the organizers emphasized the strong commitment they have to the new host country and what they aim to elevate.

The Mexican-born entrepreneur detailed how thrilled he was to announce the great news and be a part of this special moment. “I am proud to announce that the host country for Miss Universe 2024 is Mexico,” stated Rocha in the released video. Not only did Rocha Cantú share the exciting news, but he also extended a warm invitation to everyone to participate. “I invite the world to experience what will be a unique event, enjoying Mexico through its culture, cuisine, music, and its charming and unforgettable tourist destinations,” he emphasized. “Mexico gives you the warmest welcome.”

Showcasing the unique landscapes of the Aztec country, the entrepreneur did not hesitate to praise the beauty of the new host of the famous beauty pageant. “Miss Universe, Mexico gives you the warmest welcome,” concluded the clip, amid the Miss Universe 2023 presentation.

Although the specific details of the event are currently being kept under wraps, the organizers emphasized their commitment and dedication to the host country. This announcement not only brings joy to the fans of the competition but also presents an opportunity for Mexico to shine as the host.

The announcement has generated expectations and speculation as to how Mexico will prepare the stage for the world’s most important beauty competition. The beauty and cultural diversity of the country offer a perfect backdrop to showcase the uniqueness of each participant and celebrate beauty in all its forms.

Raúl Rocha Cantú expressed in the video his confidence that Mexico will be the perfect host for the contest and provided a chance for tourism. It is expected that the contest will not only be a spectacle of glamour and elegance but also a space for dialogue on relevant issues.

After the video was shared on social media, several internet users voiced their opinions on this new announcement and some remembered Lupita Jones, who won in 1991. “They took Lupita’s chair to go all in with the new owners. Mexico secures its top 20 next year,” wrote some users. This comes after rumors surfaced a month ago claiming that the former beauty queen lost the Miss Universe Mexico franchise and Rocha Cantú acquired them, according to Radio Fórmula. “It’s true. It won’t be lies. What will happen with Lupita?” some fans of the beauty pageant asked, amid the controversial situation involving Jones.

The choice of Mexico as the host for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant has sparked excitement and intrigue among fans worldwide. With its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, Mexico promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for the participants and viewers of this renowned competition.