The Everyday Tech Obsession: A Trend of Mac, AirPods Max, and iPhone Dependency

Teleworking from an amusement park is becoming a popular trend, with people like Lauren Laly, VP of Agency Relations at Estate Five Media, and journalist Jenna Clark teleworking from Disney World Orlando. There are even tutorials on the best places to telework from Disney World, citing WiFi coverage and a calm environment ideal for concentration.

AJ Wolfe, director of Disney Food Blog, also acknowledges the increasing number of people teleworking from Disney World to work and enjoy themselves simultaneously. The cost of teleworking from an amusement park like Disney World may not be low, but it is much cheaper than having a table in a coworking space. Additionally, having an annual pass to Disney World provides access to the parks for a certain number of days per year, making it a viable option for teleworkers.

While visitors may not have explicit permission to use plugs and sockets for extended periods, it is still possible to telework from Disney World with caution. As demonstrated by a couple who lived in Disneyland for 15 years without being noticed by workers, it is possible to go under the radar while teleworking from an amusement park.

Elon Musk’s criticism of teleworking as “moral bullshit” contrasts with Steve Jobs’ belief that working close to the office was immoral. Jobs’ disdain for formal presentations was also well-known, as he believed they allowed people to hide behind PowerPoint slides.

Overall, teleworking from an amusement park like Disney World may be unconventional, but it provides a unique and productive work environment for those looking for a change of scenery.