The Florida roadrunner caused the presidential motorcade to skid off the road.

Accident Involving Secret Service Roadrunner Vehicle During Presidential Visit

A video has recently emerged showing the immediate aftermath of an accident involving one of the Secret Service Roadrunners, a heavily modified Ford F350 Super Duty variant that is typically part of the presidential motorcade. This particular version of the Roadrunner first emerged in 2018 and has been discussed in previous reports.

The accident occurred on September 2 while the Roadrunner was en route to Live Oak, Florida. The vehicle, which features a unique six-door design, was traveling to Live Oak ahead of President Joe Biden’s visit to witness the destruction caused by Hurricane Idalia and meet with the storm victims.

The exact location of the incident has not been confirmed, but it is known that major highways including US Highway 90, US Highway 129, and Interstate 10 pass through Live Oak.

Video footage and a photograph of the accident were provided to The War Zone by Marco Congiu, an American correspondent for the Italian news channel skytg24. The footage shows the Secret Service vehicle veering off the road and coming to a stop on the security barrier in the median of the highway. At least one emergency vehicle and another Secret Service vehicle were already present at the scene.

It is not uncommon for the vehicles in the presidential motorcade to encounter issues due to their modifications and the heavy loads they carry. However, accidents involving critical vehicles like the Roadrunner are rare.

The Roadrunner, produced by the armored group, is the most impressive part of the presidential motorcade aside from the “Beast” limousines. It features a full command station with a large video screen and control center at the rear. The rear of the truck is sealed and protected against external electronic emissions, making it a compartmentalized sensitive information facility. The vehicle is structurally reinforced and incorporates support for omnidirectional satellite antennas.

According to the Armored Group, the Mobile Communications Vehicle (MCV) is built on a modified Ford Super Duty pickup truck platform and includes a five-door antenna platform. The MCV is designed to protect and process all levels of communication data and features seven layers of EMI shielding on its walls. It is also a Tempest Chamber Certified Rolling SCIF, meaning off-the-shelf hardware can be installed in standard equipment racks. The vehicle has advanced RF, sound, and heat countermeasures, including a 32,000 BTU HVAC system. It is 4G airworthiness certified and can be deployed worldwide via enclosed semi-trucks and cargo aircraft.

In addition to its advanced features, the Roadrunner is well-protected with armor plating in critical areas to stop rifle shots and protect against underfloor explosions. It also has run-flat tires, improved braking, and upgraded suspension.

All of these features likely played a role in protecting the crew involved in the accident while en route to Live Oak.

Accidents involving vehicles in the presidential motorcade are taken seriously due to the critical nature of their missions. The Secret Service conducts rigorous safety protocols to ensure the protection of the President and his entourage. Investigations into the cause of the accident are likely underway to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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