The Ford Mustang GT in the UK market has suffered a 41 hp decrease, and its price has increased by an additional $25,000.

Ford Mustang Power Figures Drops in UK Due to Stricter Emission Laws

In a recent announcement, Ford of Great Britain released the surprising news that the Mustang GT will have a significant drop in power for UK customers. The Mustang, a flagship model from Ford, has only been on sale in the UK for eight years, a relatively short period of time. It was an important move for Ford to make their most popular vehicle available to customers across the pond, but stricter emissions laws have now led to a decrease in performance for the UK models.

The UK has seen increasingly strict emissions laws, which have a history of impacting performance and even killing certain enthusiast offers. The effect on power figures is undeniable, especially when comparing the figures for the five-liter Coyote V8 engine, as offered in the GT and Dark Horse versions, both of which will be available in the UK. The power output for these models will be significantly lower due to the need to comply with emissions regulations.

The figures released by Ford of Great Britain show that the Mustang GT will have 439 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque, which is 41 horsepower and 17 pound-feet less than its American counterpart. Meanwhile, the Dark Horse model will have 446 horsepower and 398 pound-feet, down 54 horsepower and 20 pound-feet compared to North American vehicles.

The drop in power comes as a disappointment to potential UK buyers, especially considering that the Mustang is still relatively new to the market. The British market will not have the option to purchase the Mustang EcoBoost, which may have provided a less impacted power output. As a result, UK buyers will have to pay a premium for a detuned V8 engine, as the GT will start at £55,585, while the Dark Horse will cost nearly $13,000 more than that.

While the Mustang is still the cheapest V8 vehicle in the UK, even with the power reduction, the news has disappointed many enthusiasts. However, there may be some hope for the future. Ford has indicated that it plans to sell the 800hp Mustang GTD without restrictions to select customers in the UK. This offering would be a welcome return to high-powered performance for UK buyers, and it may provide a new option for those disappointed by the decrease in power for the standard Mustang models.

Overall, the news of the power reduction for the UK models of the Mustang has raised concerns and disappointment among the UK automotive community. The impact of stricter emissions laws on performance is a familiar issue that has been seen across Europe, and it continues to hinder the availability of high-powered vehicles in the region. Enthusiasts will be hoping that Ford and other manufacturers can find a way to continue offering high-performance vehicles to European customers despite the challenges posed by emissions regulations.

In addition to the power figures, the pricing of the Mustang models in the UK has also been met with concern and disappointment. The significant increase in pricing compared to the US market has made the Mustang a much less affordable option for UK buyers. The absence of the EcoBoost model further limits the choice for UK customers, and the high prices may make the Mustang a less appealing option for those who were previously considering a purchase.

Looking forward, there may still be hope for the UK market. The announcement of the Mustang GTD has raised the possibility of a high-powered, unrestricted Mustang model being available to select UK customers. This announcement has brought some excitement to the UK automotive community, and many will be eagerly anticipating more news about this special model in the future.

The impact of stricter emissions laws on the availability and performance of vehicles in the UK is a significant concern for both customers and manufacturers. Ford’s decision to detune the Mustang models for the UK market has highlighted the challenges posed by emissions regulations, and many are hoping for a solution that will allow high-powered vehicles to continue being available to UK customers.

In conclusion, the news of the decrease in power for the UK models of the Ford Mustang has been met with disappointment and concern from enthusiasts and potential buyers. The impact of stricter emissions laws on performance and availability is a significant concern for the UK automotive market, and many are hoping for a solution that will allow high-powered vehicles to continue being available to UK customers.