The Future of Communication: Embracing WhatsApp and Telegram in 2024

The latest beta update for WhatsApp on Android has hinted at major changes on the horizon. This update could be a step towards greater interoperability between messaging platforms, as the European Union pushes for this goal.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is European Union legislation that aims to regulate large technology companies known as “gatekeepers” or digital guardians. Its objective is to prevent unfair conditions and promote the opening of key digital services.

Recently, the European Commission confirmed that WhatsApp’s parent company meets the definition of a “gatekeeper.” This means that by March 2024, WhatsApp must make its messaging app interoperable with other messaging apps.

The WhatsApp beta update, specifically version for Android, includes a new screen called “Third-party chats.” Although not functional yet, its presence suggests that WhatsApp is taking steps to meet the demands of the DMA.

Other big players like Microsoft are also planning their own mobile app stores in response to the DMA, and the European Commission is investigating whether services like Apple’s iMessage comply with the new regulations.

The potential outcome of these regulations is the disappearance of barriers between different messaging platforms. It could become a reality where messages sent through WhatsApp can be received on Telegram without any issues. Interoperability is at the core of DMA, and if messaging platforms like WhatsApp comply with these new guidelines, users will experience smoother and less fragmented communication between different applications.

This change would not only benefit users but also have broader implications for market competition and technological innovation. Smaller companies would have a fair chance to compete, and users would have more options available to them.

However, implementing interoperability brings technical and security challenges. The end-to-end encryption, a crucial feature of many messaging apps, would need to be preserved to ensure user privacy.

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