The judge informed Trump that he was not allowed to deliver his closing arguments, but he proceeded to condemn the trial for fraud regardless.

Former President Donald Trump has defied a ruling by New York Judge Arthur Engoron that he is not allowed to speak during closing arguments in his fraud trial, and railed against the trial anyway. The dramatic moment where Trump spoke out of turn prompted the judge to tell Trump’s lawyer to “control your client.”

Judge Engoron had previously ruled that Trump would not be allowed to speak during closing arguments due to concerns that he would not stick to relevant matters and avoid delivering a campaign speech. Despite this ruling, Trump took to his Truth Social media platform to call Engoron’s decision “MEAN & NASTY” and expressed his desire to “personally do the closing argument.”

His lawyer made a last-minute effort to allow his client to speak in court, stating that he had “a right to speak.” When the judge reiterated the rules and inquired as to whether Trump would abide, Trump’s tirade began.

Trump accused Judge Engoron of having “an agenda” and expressed frustration over being persecuted, allegedly by someone running for office. He claimed that he was an innocent man and that the actual fraud had been perpetrated upon him.

In his outburst, Trump also targeted Attorney General Letitia James, saying that he had done nothing wrong and that the attorney general’s office “should pay me for what we had to go through.” Trump has previously accused James of using the case to further her political ambitions.

The fraud trial brought by James alleges that Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, committed fraud by inflating the value of their assets to secure loans and tax benefits. James is seeking for Trump to forfeit $370 million and to be permanently barred from the New York real estate industry.

The trial, which has been closely watched by the public, is expected to have a final decision by January 31st, although Judge Engoron has cautioned that there is “no guarantee” on that timeline.

Trump’s outburst in court is the latest development in a legal battle that has been ongoing for some time. Despite being warned by the judge to stick to the evidence and the law, Trump took the opportunity to express his frustration with the case, prompting Judge Engoron to advise his lawyers to muzzle him.

The case has garnered significant public attention, with both sides offering contrasting views of the situation. Trump’s explosive and emotional reaction during the trial has certainly sparked debate and raised questions about the direction of the case.

Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that the legal battle between Donald Trump and the state of New York is far from over, and the fallout will likely have ongoing implications for both the former President and the legal and political landscape of New York.